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Occult Preparations for a New Age
Dane Rudhyar
Musical composer, poet, philosopher, astrologer, Dane Rudhyar explores in this book humanity's experience and potential of being participants in the act of Creation.

1 "Mind does not operate as the servant of the egos of individuals, or of any situations in historical time or local space. It operates in terms of the evolution of the entire system – and in relation to the galactic whole of which this heliocosm is but a small cellular unit. It operates in terms of planetary consciousness."

2 "As I see it, what really matters are not fascinating details to be memorized by the curious mind, but the gaining of a whole view of cosmic, planetary, and human evolution. It is to be able to 'see' or even feel this evolution, with its interconnecting cycles and subcycles, microcosmic as well as macrocosmic."

3 "Diverse entities…have emerged from an original One in whom they can and eventually must be reabsorbed or reintegrated."

4 "Order, meaning, beauty and the inner sustainment arising from the conviction that one has a place and function to perform within a vast planetary process whose essential nature is rhythm and harmony regardless of the grinding noise of passing dissonances – what could be more valuable for men, women and children of our civilization?"

5 "Each human 'culture-whole' contributes its own harvest of values and meanings – expressed through symbols, creative works and institutions – to the planetary consciousness and the one Mind of Man."

6 "God is love… as a clear creative answer to the need of the world."

7 "At the core of the basic teachings found in all or most of the world's religions which have left visible and intelligible records, there exists a Universal Tradition."

8 "Time is the structuring power which divides the universal world process into wholes within wholes within wholes."

9 "A really holistic approach must be able not only to produce concepts that embrace a totality of data or experiences and reveal their internal 'form', but it must release vibrant and potentially transforming ideas infused with the love of Man."

10 "In the operation of any whole organism, every function is essential and valuable. There should be no question of 'superior' or 'inferior'….In an organic democracy every cell and organ – every individual and every healthfully operating group and situation – is equally important, necessary, and to be protected as well as valued."

11 "All…had its origin in one germinating wholeness of being."

12 "Faith is the intuitive, unchallengeable, even if intellectually unexplainable, feeling-realization that the Ocean of Infinite Potentiality surounds us; we live, move and have our being in it."

13 "The Earth in its total being is a vast, living, thinking organism in which ALL kingdoms of life perform interrelated and interdependent functions."

14 "There are infinite possibilities of solutions to the problems of existence."

15 "Every need is always and forever balanced by a solution, and the power of this potential solution is 'spirit'. Spirit is the energy of the infinite potential of Space…There is only one Supreme Law: Everything is as the need for harmony requires. Everything acts in order to satisfy what, at the time and to the best of its knowledge, it feels it needs. Everything seeks to act according to its fundamental nature."

16 "In every individual person the whole of the universe and the full essence of divinity is latent."

17 "Archetypes are a specific pattern of relationships and a particular set of biopsychic possibilities of development of consciousness."

18 "The pattern of man is a microcosmic reflection of the pattern of the great cosmos."

19 "Mankind is moving toward what I call the state of 'multi-unity' – often referred to as 'unity in diversity'. Because of this cyclo-historical fact (which has a concrete manifestation in the technological wonders potentially enabling every human being to communicate with all others) individuals dream of, long for, unification or integration."

20 "Compassionate love…gradually releases humanity as a whole from bondage to the thought of separateness and to the seeming inevitability of conflict and war. It is a unifying power. It integrates the essential realities of individuals, groups, and nations by consuming in its fire the nonessentials which produce division and hatred. It seeks to reconstitute at the conscious level of mature personalities the primordial unconscious unity of the tribe state, and to reconstitute it in total inclusiveness. Tribal unanimity was exclusive of all other tribes; but transcendent love is boundary-transcending, culture-transcending, creed-transcending. Its goal is the 'One World' of a truly organized, global humanity."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite