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From Certainty to Uncertainty, the Story of Science and Ideas in the Twentieth Century
F. David Peat
Traces the rise and fall of the deterministic universe and shows the evolving influences that disparate disciplines have on one another. Drawing on the lessons we can learn from history, Peat speculates on how we might look to manage our lives into the future.

1 "What appear to be separate objects in our everyday world have arisen out of the same common ground and thus retain connections and attractions for each other, correlations that lie outside the normal range of explicate causality."

2 "To build a clock or a car you take parts off the shelf and assemble them together. But in the case of self-organized and open systems the 'parts' are expressions of the entire system. A river isn't composed of smooth water and vortices glued together. Rather, the vortex, while remaining stable and identifiable, is an aspect of the entire river. Likewise, the volunteer groups in a community are expressions of the cohesion and meaning of that town or city."

3 "The Jungian archetypes have something in common with Bohm's implicate order. The archetypes are the structuring principles that underlie individual and collective behavior. As structuring principles they are never pereived or experienced directly but appear as images and myths and are manifest within dreams and patterns of behavior."

4 "Alchemists believed that the components of the world are in a process of maturation and growth as they journey toward perfection….matter was a living thing, and alchemists acted as midwives to a Nature striving for perfection."

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