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From Bethlehem to Calvary
Alice A. Bailey
A portrait of the life of Christ in terms of individuation and initiation into ever-more-realized Divinity

1 "Within ourselves we find God. In the cave of the heart the divine life can be felt throbbing."

2 "No matter by what line we trace the growth of the Plan, we come from a distant, dark and ignorant past to a present point wherein truer values are seen emerging. We begin to see what that Plan is and whither we are going. We are entering steadily into the world of spiritual realities, because 'there is a road from every natural group of facts to every spiritual reality in the universe; and the essential nature of mind forces it always in some degree to traverse this road.' (B. Bosanquet, 'The Value and Destiny of the Individual')."

3 "All things in the sense-connexion of life are inwardly connected, and their depths have their roots in God." Hermann Keyserling, 'The Recovery of Truth'

4 "Behind symbol and myth stands reality – an essential, dramatic and practical truth."

5 "Love (which is a spirit of inclusiveness, of tolerance, of wise judgment and far-sighted vision) can draw all together into that outward unity which is based upon a recognised inner relationship."

6 "Everything is alive and possesses a soul. The world is full of spirits, of souls. The myths speak of them." Otto Karrer, 'Religions of Mankind'

7 "In the life of Christ we have the most complete and perfect demonstration and example of divinity lived successfully on earth, and lived – as most of us have to live – not in retirement, but in the full tide of storm and stress."

8 "Through the message of Christ three general concepts have emerged into…consciousness: first, that the individual, as an individual, is of value; second, the opportunity was presented to humanity as a whole to take a tremendous step forward, to undergo the 'new birth'; and third, love our neighbour as ourselves. Individual effort, group opportunity, and identification with each other – this was the message of the Christ."

9 "Love is essentially the realisation of brotherhood. It is the recognition that we are all the children of the One Father; it is pity and compassion and understanding and patience. It is the true expression of the life of God."

10 "If the sense of God has persisted in the world for untold ages, and if the testimony of the mystics and saints, the seers and the Saviours of all time is historical and verifiable – as it is – then that testimony, in its wealth and universality, constitutes a fact as scientific as any other."

11 "Christ…gave to us a picture of the stages and method whereby identification with God can be brought about. This sentence gives us the keynote of the entire Gospel story."

12 Always in the centre shall come a new Word." Mexican aphorism

13 "We live by the life of God. Let that life flow in 'more abundantly' upon us and we shall become, as Christ became, living centres of radiant energy for the service of the world."

14 "The reason we can recognise God as a God of love is that we are ourselves, basically and potentially, God-like in quality."

15 "Pure love is an attribute of the soul and is all-inclusive, and it is in pure love that our relation to God and to each other consists…Sentiment is emotional and unstable; devotion can be fanatical and cruel; but love blends and fuses, understands and interprets and synthesises all form and all expressions, all causes and all races, into one flaming heart of love, knowing no separateness, no division and no disharmony."

16 "No outer earthly happenings and no national situations, no matter how temporarily material they may appear to be in their objectives, can dull or obliterate the Presence of God in us."

17 "Every living phenomenon is, first and last, a symbol; for the essence of life is meaning." Hermann Keyserling, 'The Recovery of Truth'

18 "A myth is the summarised belief and knowledge of the past, handed down to us for our guidance and forming the foundation of a newer revelation, and it is a stepping-stone to the next truth. A myth is a valid and proven truth which bridges, step by step, the gap between the past gained knowledge, the present formulated truth, and the infinite and divine possibilities of the future. The ancient myths and the old mysteries give us a sequential presentation of the divine message as it went forth from God in response to the need of humanity, down the ages."

19 "The bodily life is but an episode in the eternal career of the soul, which precedes birth and proceeds after death." Plato

20 "Obedience to the highest one knows, in small things as well as in great…is the secret of the Way."

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