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New World Dictionary-Concordance to the New American Bible

1 "Comparing society or the whole of humanity to an organic body is a very ancient practice, and was in use among the Stoics."

2 "God has given us a mind to know him."

3 "God cares for all nations."

4 "In fact, nature is nothing more than an epiphany of the divine world."

5 "The world itself is caught up in one great act of giving birth. (cf. Romans 8:22)"

6 "Hesed (mercy, compassion) is no mere vague goodness of soul or character; it is the concrete realization and actualization of what binds people together to make solidarity a real and true thing."

7 "The divine events that are told in myth are not told for their own sake, nor are they thought out according to some inner logic of their own. They exist as normative events or archetypes of the world of nature and of man."

8 "Today there is much insistence on giving the creative faculty from which myths proceed an autonomous place alongside the other cognitive faculties of man, and to acknowledge in him the power to catch through symbols a truly sacred or numinous dimension of things."

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