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The Secret Doctrine
Helena P. Blavatsky

1 "As a spider throws out and retracts its web, as herbs spring up in the ground….so is the Universe derived from the undecaying One." Mandukya Upanishad

2 "Every one is a living mirror of the universe, every monad reflecting every other."

3 "The Eternal Mind diffused through all the parts of nature actuates the whole stupendous frame and mingles with the vast body of the universe." Virgil

4 "There can only be….One eternal ever present Cause."

5 "All things and all living beings have originated from one common source."

6 "From the One Life formless and uncreate, proceeds the Universe of lives."

7 "The radical unity of the ultimate essence of each constituent part of compounds in Nature – from Star to mineral to Atom, from the highest to the smallest, in the fullest acceptation of the term, and whether applied to the spiritual, intellectual, or physical worlds – this is the one fundamental law."

8 "Nature implants in man as well as in every beast a passionate, inherent, and instinctive desire for freedom and self-guidance."

9 "There is but one Absolute basis, from, on, and in which are built the countless basic centres on which proceed the Universal, cyclic, and individual Evolutions."

10 "There are no ancient symbols without a deep and philosophical meaning attached to them."

11 "The one Universal Light is ever existent." Chaldean Book of Numbers

12 "That which is neither Spirit nor matter – that is It – the Causeless Cause of Spirit and Matter, which are the Cause of Kosmos. And That we call the One Life or the Intra-Cosmic Breath."

13 "From one Soul, that of All, spring all the Souls, which spread themselves as if purposely distributed through the world." Stobaeus (ca. 5th century), Greek compiler of ancient fragments, 'Eclogae Physicae et Ethicae'

14 "The One gives life to the whole Kosmos."

15 "One is the One and All."

16 "Brahma and the universe form one Being, each particle of which is in its essence Brahma himself, who proceeded out of himself."

17 "There is one eternal Law in nature, one that always tends to adjust contraries and to produce final harmony."

18 "Time and Space are forms of the One incognizable Deity."

19 "The Past time is the Present time, as also the Future, which, though it has not come into existence, still is." 'Book of the 10,000 Precepts'

20 "The opposite poles…are but aspects of the One Unity in which they are synthesized."

21 "In the manifold unity of universal life, the innumerable individualities distinguished by their variations, are, nevertheless, united in such a manner that the whole is one, and everything proceeds from Unity."

22 "The one divine Principle, the nameless That of the Vedas, is the universal Total."

23 "The first principles in Hindu religious philosophy is 'Unity in diversity.'" Colonel Vans Kennedy

24 "The only palliative to the evils of life is union and harmony – a Brotherhood in action, and altrusism not simply in name."

25 "Brahma IS this universe itself."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite