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Isis Unveiled
Helena P. Blavatsky

1 "The forces of the universe are ever in perfect harmony with the one great Immutable Law."

2 "God blesses equally every beast of the field and every living creature, and He endows them all with Life, which is a breath of His own Spirit."

3 "There is but one Magnet in the universe, and from it proceeds the magnetization of everything existing."

4 "The undercurrent of this world is set toward one goal; and inside of humanity is a power almost infinite, a holy faith capable of apprehending the supremest truths of all existence."

5 "One nature delights in another, one nature overcomes another, one nature overrules another, and the whole of them are One." Synesius

6 "As the Soul of the World permeates the whole Cosmos, even beasts must have in them something divine."

7 "Plato's cardinal idea was that there existed a permanent principle of unity beneath the forms, changes, and other phenomena of the universe."

8 "Matter is nothing more than the.. effect of the emanative energy of the Deity."

9 "The universe is the combination of a thousand elements, and yet the expression of a single spirit."

10 "Nothing can be free from the divine presence." Giordano Bruno

11 "The soul, which is immortal, has an arithmetical, as the body has a geometrical, beginning. This beginning, as the reflection of the great universal Archaeus, is self-moving, and from the centre diffuses itself over the whole body of the microcosm."

12 "A person's idea of God is that image of blinding light that he sees reflected in the concave mirror of his own soul."

13 "God is in all things, as the ancients have observed it with a worthy correctness."

14 "He (Christ) termed himself the son of God, but took care to assert repeatedly that they were all the children of God….in preaching this, he repeated a doctrine taught ages earlier by Hermes, Plato, and other philosophers."

15 "You have in yourself something similar to God, and therefore use yourself as the temple of God. The greatest honor which can be paid to God is to know and imitate his perfection." Sextus the Pythagorean

16 "There is a Supreme God who produced in his own mind a 'paradeigma' of all things."

17 "The magnetism of pure love is the originator of every created thing."

18 "One is the Spirit of the living God, blessed be His Name, who lives forever!" 'Sepher Jezireh', the kabalistic Book of Creation

19 "There is a canon of interpretation, which should guide us in our examinations of every philosophical opinion: The human mind has, under the necessary operation of its own laws, been compelled to entertain the same fundamental ideas, and the human heart to cherish the same feelings in all ages."

20 "Space is not an empty void, but a reservoir filled with the models of all things that ever were, that are, and that will be."

21 "The Divine mind is eternal, and it is pure light, and poured out through splendid and immense space." Codex Nazaraeus, 1. 23

22 "God fills up the whole creation, for he is in all, and all is in him."

23 "God formed things as they first arose according to forms and numbers." Plato, 'Timaeus'

24 "The human spirit is so great a thing that no one can express it; as God is eternal and unchangeable, so also is the spirit of humanity." Paracelsus

25 "Who can study carefully the ancient religious and cosmogonic myths without perceiving that this striking similitude of conceptions, in their esoteric spirit, is the result of no mere coincidence, but manifests a concurrent design? It shows that already in those ages which are shut out from our sight by the impenetrable mist of tradition, human religious thought developed in uniform sympathy in every portion of the globe."

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