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Lamps of Western Mysticism
Arthur Edward Waite

1 "We are dwelling already in that love which is wedded to its source in God."

2 "The only excellent way is that of love in its activity towards all in God and God in all."

3 "Under all outward illusion, and beneath all external phenomena, the Absolute is to be found within."

4 "If it be asked what is the test of knowledge concerning Divine Will, there is one answer only, namely, that it becomes known in love."

5 "The first realisable truth concerning the soul of man is the native nobility of that which can dream of union with God, can also attain it,…and by the experience of such attainment discovers that in the soul itself…is God realised and known in the sacred nature of things."

6 "Goodness communicates its lights to men and remakes them to the likeness of His Sovereign Perfection."

7 "He Who is everywhere, without change or shadow of vicissitude, is never absent."

8 "The Divine in man is not in separation from the Divine in the cosmos…it is one with one."

9 "The science of the soul is a science of active love."

10 "Our true self is a mirror which contains all things."

11 "It is love which cleanses and love alone that sanctifies."

12 "We are an immeasurable faculty of reception in the knowledge which comes from love."

13 "'It is love which makes the world go round', says an old, familiar adage…the truth of all is behind it."

14 "We are mind, desire and will, corresponding to the Great Mind, the Great Purpose and the all-embracing Love."

15 "We are parts of a whole, and the whole must draw us as soon as we open our doors: this is grace working upon and within us."

16 "God is immanent in the soul, and we conceive Him also as abiding in the universe, or that cosmic order to which we belong and of which we form a part."

17 "God [is] All in all for all that lives and has its being in Him."

18 "That One is the beginning and end of all."

19 "The love of goodness is the first experience of the natural man, and all spiritual advancement is an extension of the soul's journey through its great distance."

20 "Humanity ends where it began also, in the Divinity which is its home."

21 "The years of spiritual life on earth are as certain moons following conception, during which the form of divine desire is developed within us; and in due season we shall issue forth to see with our own eyes that which all things now foreshadow, all faiths make evident."

22 "Knowledge is an inward state of our own essential being."

23 "The end of Western Mysticism was the return of the many into the One."

24 "The sign of life is in the symbolism; the life itself is in the grace behind the symbolism."

25 "Christianity, Indian Philosophy and Kabalism join in the recognition of an imperishable part of man and in its capacity for Divine Union."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite