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The Sword and The Serpent
Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips
This book explains the function of the Qabala system, which is to bring together the world we live within and the world that is within each of us, thereby unifying our Oneness consciously.

1 "The natural progress of evolution is characterised by the gradual, often unrecognised unfoldment within the psyche of cosmic awareness."

2 "It can be said of all manifestations of the Goddess that they are fundamentally one."

3 "Man [is] the Microcosm, containing within himself all those forces he perceives in the external universe."

4 "Man must be realized; he must be given awareness of the splendours which he can know, the attainment which should be his, the sublime bliss which is his true nature, the beauty and majesty of the universe in which he participates."

5 "In the psyche, at a depth which cannot be called 'personal', there exist the great archetypal images. These images are demonstrably related to the true Archetypes; and although, in dreams for instance, they may sometimes move in the personal levels of the psyche and participate in actions which reflect personal conditions, still their more profound character is manifest."

6 "A human being, or any being for that matter, is no mere symbol of divinity, but is the receptacle of some aspect thereof."

7 "Grant me by knowledge of the holy writings, by dispersal of the night which encircles me, a high and true perception: that I may truly know the incorruptible God, and the man that I am." Proclus

8 "The material world illustrates for us the Archetypal Powers in action, and then the pattern of the Archetypal Powers gives us a further clue by which we can penetrate more deeply into the lessons of the material world without losing our way."

9 "The essential reality of Beauty exists as an Archetypal Power in the Divine Mind, and the existence of this Power is the true reason why our minds are able to perceive beauty where they might otherwise have discerned only mathematical balance, for example, or biological aptness, or a certain refraction of light."

10 "Augustine in his mode, and Hegel later in his different mode, adopted and enunciated the fact that any spiritual force will first bring into being its true opposite, and then, balance having been achieved, will conjoin with that opposite to bring into being a product of the two. This causes a new imbalance, so that new pairs of opposites, new unions and new resultants follow."

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