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The Child Within Us Lives!, A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics
William Samuel
This book explains the transcendence of divisions into the discovery of our original nature, the Child within.

1 "In the most absolute sense, our present experience is God's Self-awareness, God's Self-witness, Self-acknowledgment, Self-appraisal, Self-utilization, and Self-enjoyment. It seems to be 'ours', but it belongs to God."

2 "God really is all in all."

3 "In the perfection of All, there isn't a single real evil. God is all and only."

4 "There is only one Heart, one Child, One God. It is the same for all of us."

5 "The Divine Child is within us – the very Awareness that perceives the Nature of Godself, Itself."

6 "Tangibility is the product of the Intangible, therefore the body of us will find itself cared for as certainly as the oak and willow, as surely as the laurel and lily. By whom or What? By the same Ineffable for whom the body of humanity blossoms. How do I know this is so? Because I have lived it so, am living it so NOW and KNOW it is so."

7 "Religious ideas generally refer to the Same One, but have their own sets of proofs for validity."

8 "We are in this world to do something good for all mankind."

9 "I am the beauty I see. I am the joy I see. I am the excitement and enthusiasm of everything I see – because, I can't recognize something unless I am it! It is Me! It is I! It is this holy Awareness of God I am."

10 "Does the Eye at the top quarrel with the opposing views at the bottom? No. It understands the basis for the differences of opinion – and understands the holistic reasons for mankind's behavior."

11 "Nothing is going on but God."

12 "The child looks out to the world for its instruction. The adult turns within and struggles there until, when the Divine Child is found, he looks outward again in new and constant anticipation of Good."

13 "One Already is the Fact; near infinite numbers of possibilities are Its confirmation following. Godhead is One Already."

14 "As Awareness itself, we are Everyman."

15 "As the Christ Light says, we may choose Life and live more abundantly, or we may choose death."

16 "There is Good going on everywhere."

17 "The anticipation of Good's appearing has everything to do with seeing good appear tangibly on the scene where it seems absent."

18 "Living morally and honestly, one maintains his balance and doesn't topple into the reactive world of negative effects."

19 "We never actually get away from the center and circumference where God put us."

20 "The human saga is a wonderful, necessary part of the Plan. Nothing about the human experience has been happenstance or outside the perfect Plan of the One."

21 "The True Teacher is inside yourself at your very center."

22 "Mind and its Self-awareness are one Mind being all knowing."

23 "There is a mystical truth in the saying about the 'web of interrelatedness': When a leaf falls to the earth, the universe is shaken. Just so, when one writes a single word, the universe is shaken."

24 "The Divine Child of you and the Divine Child of me is the same One, deep in the heart of God."

25 "Our Original Identity is unbound by time or space."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite