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The Child Within Us Lives!, A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics
William Samuel
This book explains the transcendence of divisions into the discovery of our original nature, the Child within.

1 "When the seed first falls to the ground, it contains its own final flowering within itself."

2 "The Divine Child of us has knowledge of the center Ground of religion, philosophy, metaphysics and science – already knowing all that needs to be known to make it through time."

3 "The anticipation of Good's appearing has everything to do with seeing good appear tangibly on the scene where it seems absent."

4 "We examine a rock and the rock contains information about the earth. We look at a tree and learn of all life. We get to know a friend and have a knowledge of Everyman. We perceive Everyman and know the Self. We know the Self and have as much knowledge of Godhead as Infinite Wisdom is capable of perceiving. Is it any wonder so many of the great philosophies have advocated 'Know Thyself!'"

5 "Nothing is going on but God."

6 "As I be lifted into new glimpses of Light, the world I see is lifted likewise."

7 "People are all the image of God."

8 "There is only one Heart, one Child, One God. It is the same for all of us."

9 "The human saga is a wonderful, necessary part of the Plan. Nothing about the human experience has been happenstance or outside the perfect Plan of the One."

10 "God, the dynamism of the Universe, is an ongoing Essence, constantly revealing Itself as new marvels and new glories."

11 "I look for the Good that is present. I expect to see it and then I see it! If this is too simple, I'm sorry; it is just that easy."

12 "The Divine Child is within us – the very Awareness that perceives the Nature of Godself, Itself."

13 "A grand global harmony is just around the corner – the one the prophets spoke of wherein there is no more sighing, no more tears, no more fear."

14 "This awareness, this life, is God's viewing."

15 "I change me by understanding the Divine-I more fully – and then I see people more clearly."

16 "Looking for a fence to put around the yard, one begins to see fences everywhere. Looking for shrubbery, one suddenly sees shrubbery everywhere. That is the Divine Alchemy at work. Looking for tenderness, beauty and love, one finds them everywhere. Looking for good, one finds good. That is the alchemy of God at work."

17 "Man is, after all, made originally in the image and likeness of God."

18 "One Already is the Fact; near infinite numbers of possibilities are Its confirmation following. Godhead is One Already."

19 "The child looks out to the world for its instruction. The adult turns within and struggles there until, when the Divine Child is found, he looks outward again in new and constant anticipation of Good."

20 "The Child within that sparks the life of each of us is God's own Self-awareness in the process of happening."

21 "Be assured that your inner turmoil is not in vain; it is not for nothing;….it has been as necessary for you as it was for me – as it is to every small and large creature emerging from its self-spun darkness."

22 "In a marvelous and mysterious way, an Overtruth takes care of our affairs."

23 "We are in this world to do something good for all mankind."

24 "There is something good, for goodness sake, in everyone."

25 "The River of Life is moving relentlessly in growing, ongoing information."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite