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The Child Within Us Lives!, A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics
William Samuel
This book explains the transcendence of divisions into the discovery of our original nature, the Child within.

1 "The Absolute Fact is that God/Life is ALL in ALL."

2 "The human experience is a holy lesson going on and one is to learn it, one way or another."

3 "Light is here, unheralded and unnoticed, living us, supporting and warming us – the very spark of Being Itself. The Divine Child of us IS that Light, here and now."

4 "Man is, after all, made originally in the image and likeness of God."

5 "The Divine Child within has been with us since our time began in tangible space. The Inner Child has a perfectly balanced View….and knows how to act."

6 "People are all the image of God."

7 "I see confirmation of the Divine Process in all nature."

8 "Mind and its Self-awareness are one Mind being all knowing."

9 "Religious ideas generally refer to the Same One, but have their own sets of proofs for validity."

10 "God really is all in all."

11 "When the final answers are known in this world, the Divine Simplicity of the Primal One will be all there is."

12 "The Divine Child is within us – the very Awareness that perceives the Nature of Godself, Itself."

13 "The Child within that sparks the life of each of us is God's own Self-awareness in the process of happening."

14 "Everything that is, is equally divine because everything exists within Divinity."

15 "As I be lifted into new glimpses of Light, the world I see is lifted likewise."

16 "There is a single fountainhead, God."

17 "The terrors of the world are the chrysalis of Self-discovery. We emerge from the necessary far country of ignorance and its anguish, to rediscover the Child within and 'return' to the Father's house."

18 "The present unrest in the world is Everyman's approaching Self-discovery of the Divine Child within."

19 "There is Good going on everywhere."

20 "I am the beauty I see. I am the joy I see. I am the excitement and enthusiasm of everything I see – because, I can't recognize something unless I am it! It is Me! It is I! It is this holy Awareness of God I am."

21 "Looking for the good in a situation allows us to call it by its right name. Dear reader, do you know what a marvel lies hidden in these words, a marvel that you can put to the test and see for yourself before this day is over?"

22 "Right/wrong, good/evil, inside/outside, above/below, male/female, and all the rest of the delineating distinctions, obversely outline the ALL ONE."

23 "God is One and All."

24 "When the ancients said one's aim in life was to 'Know Thyself', they were exactly right."

25 "What is Grace? YOU are."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite