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Great Cosmic Mother, Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth
Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor

1 "When dualistic opposites are allowed to fuse in the mind, the psyche saves itself."

2 "The archetype is an archetype because it represents a past reality; its power over us as internal image is so profound because it was once an experienced fact of the external world."

3 "In the holographic universe, each subjective part contains the objective whole, and chronological time is just one aspect of a simultaneous universe. Subjective and objective merge into an experience of cosmic oneness."

4 "Spirit and heart are real; and they alone have helped millions of human beings survive in otherwise unsurvivable situations."

5 "The sacred is the emotional force which connects the part to the whole." William Irwin Thompson, 'The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light'

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