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Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization
Heinrich Zimmer, edited by Joseph Campbell

1 "Fundamentally, all beings, all of us, are brought forth from the divine creative essence, are virtually parts of the Highest Being. This is a concept insisted upon in later Hinduism and Buddhism. It is but a logical consequence of earlier basic concepts. It is implied in the monistic idea developed in the philosophy of the Upanishads and illustrated through the pictorial script of classic Hindu mythology – the idea, namely, of man's Inner Self (atman) as identical with the only Universal Self (brahman)."

2 "All creatures…issue from the one life-reservoir and are sustained on their various planes, whether heavenly or earthbound, by the one life-energy."

3 "Opposites are fundamentally of the one essence, two aspects of the one Vishnu."

4 "We are mortal individuals bearing within ourselves an immortal, supra-individual nucleus."

5 "The all-containing Divine Essence…comprises all dichotomies. The Absolute becomes differentiated in polarized manifestations, and through these the vital tensions of the world-process are brought into existence and maintained."

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