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Seven Paths to God, The Ways of the Mystic
Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

1 "We are so identified with our thoughts that we don't notice the river they are floating upon. That river, which is not apparent in everyday consciousness, is our participation in God's being. As we learn to be silent, and spaces appear between thoughts, the river becomes visible."

2 "And your God is one God, there is no God but The One, the Compassionate, the Merciful." The Koran, Surah 2

3 "How to convey the perception that everything is interconnected, crafted of an intelligent light that forms a seamless matrix from which all matter springs?"

4 "He is one, the lord and innermost Self of all; of one form, he makes of himself many forms." Katha Upanishad

5 "How can words convey the depth and sweetness of unconditional love, the soul's joy in coming home to God, the stunning revelation that despite all your errors you are forgiven?"

6 "The Sanskrit word 'Namaste' is often repeated with a little bow, hands in the prayer pose, as a greeting. This is a salute to the God within the other person, and a recognition of the God within yourself. Implicit in the greeting is the idea that when you are in your God-Self, and the other person is in theirs, you are one."

7 "The late Mathew King was a contemporary Lakota (Native American) elder. He said, 'God gives His instructions to every creature, according to His plan for the world. He gave His instructions to all the things of nature."

8 "When the heart is open, we overcome the illusion that we are separate from one another, and the mystery of divine love wraps us in a cloak of security, unity, wisdom, and joy."

9 "We are all worth healing."

10 "We are all interconnected and help bring one another into the expression of our full potential."

11 "To him who sees the Self revealed in his own heart belongs eternal bliss." Katha Upanishad

12 "Our faith is an important determiner of openness to Spirit."

13 "One must know that no existing thing has an independent existence. One must know that all things are interdependent." 'Precepts of the Gurus', Tibetan Buddhist text

14 "The Ten Commandments, like the Buddhist precepts for living and the Hindu system of raja yoga, provide a template for using our human will to live in accordance with the divine will."

15 "Like a stone tossed in a pond, the ripples of every prayer, every meditation, every discipline, every loving act spread through the universe for the benefit of all beings."

16 "Our primary path is the one through which our major contribution to the world will be made. It comes naturally to us."

17 "At one with the physical world around them, they (Native Americans) perceived the interconnectedness of all things, the circular nature of the universe, and the rightness of both birth and death in the overall scheme of creation."

18 "Everyone is sacred. You're sacred and I'm sacred. Every time you blink your eye, or I blink my eye, God blinks His eye. God sees through your eyes and my eyes. We are all sacred." Mathew King, Lakota (Native American) elder

19 "The bottom line of spiritual awakening is kindness and love."

20 "In 1871, the great Lakota (Native American) visionary and warrior Crazy Horse saw a future time of peace – after two world wars – when people of all colors and beliefs would be united under a great sacred tree. Once again the earth would be honored and life appreciated as a gift from the Creator. The tree of life is an enduring symbol, common to many cultures. Its roots are in the ground, and its different branches touch the sky. Beneath this tree of shelter, people find respect, tolerance, charity, compassion, unity, and love….Together we can bring a new world, a time of heaven on earth into being."

21 "All religions lead to God, just the way that all rivers empty into the sea."

22 "In speaking to those who have had near-death experiences and deathbed visions in which they rise out of the myopia of daily life, we are told that all events happen for the greater good, that nothing is accidental or without the capacity to spur our evolution as loving co-creators with God."

23 "Albert Einstein once remarked that the illusion that we are separate is an optical delusion of consciousness. Indeed, in holy moments we are aware that there is only One Mind in the universe, a Mind present in every thing and every one."

24 "The nature of life is a process of evolution in which we become progressively more whole, psychologically and spiritually."

25 "When we close down in fear, the lifeforce energy cannot rise and bring us into the direct experience of God."

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