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Jung's Psychology and Its Social Meaning
Ira Progoff, Ph.D.
Introductory statement of C. G. Jung's psychological theories and a first interpretation of their significance for the social sciences

1 "Like all things, the human mind follows the principle inherent in its own essence, and, as we find it to be through all of Nature, this principle is that it realize itself, integrate itself, become whole in relation to its potentialities."

2 "A natural process leads toward wholeness, toward an inner integration, and the expression of an inherent meaningfulness."

3 "The Mandala is a figure or design found in the art of virtually all peoples. It is based on a perfectly balanced circle, in which the mid-point is given a particularly great importance."

4 "From the living comes death, and from the dead, life; from the young, old age; and from the old, youth; from waking, sleep; and from sleep, waking; the stream of creation and decay never stands still….Construction and destruction, destruction and construction – this is the norm which rules in every circle of natural life from the smallest to the greatest. Just as the cosmos itself emerged from the primal, so must it return once more into the same – a double process running its measured course through vast periods, a drama eternally re-enacted." Heraclitus

5 "The archetypes of the psychic processes – in which the great universal truths about the nature of man are contained – rest in the deepest recesses of the objective unconscious."

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