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Religions, Values, and Peak-Experiences
Abraham Maslow
This classic of humanistic psychology explores the 'peak-experiences' of prophets and seers, from which the essential meanings of religion were originally conceived, and reveals how they can - and why they should - be experienced by everyone.

1 "(A) baby put into free-choice situations, with plenty of choice, tends to choose its way toward growth rather than toward regression. In the same way, a plant or an animal selects from the millions of objects in the world those which are 'right' for its nature."

2 "The conception of heaven that emerges from the peak-experiences is one which exists all the time all around us, always available to step into for a little while at least."

3 "The eternal becomes visible IN and through the particular, the symbolic and platonic can be experienced IN and through the concrete instance, the sacred can fuse with the profane, and one can transcend the universe of time and space while being of it."

4 "Cosmic Consciousness involves an attention-widening so that the whole cosmos is perceived as a unity, and one's place in this whole is simultaneously perceived."

5 "The person is unique, the person is sacred, one person in principle is worth as much as any other person, everyone is a child of God."

6 "To the extent that all mystical or peak experiences are the same in their essence and have always been the same, all religions are the same in their essence and always have been the same."

7 "It is quite characteristic in peak experiences that the whole universe is perceived as an integrated and unified whole."

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