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The Springs of Creative Living, A Study of Human Nature and God
Rollo May

1 "When one serves one's fellowmen, one is working with the universal creative mind, the logos."

2 "Everything contains its opposite, as Heraclitus said long ago. 'Men do not know how what is at variance agrees with itself. It is an attunement of opposite tensions, like that of the bow and the lyre'. The poet Blake put it in more modern form, 'Without Contraries is no progression. Attraction and Repulsion, Reason and Energy, Love and Hate are necessay to human existence.'"

3 "The qualities of reason, moral conscience, and aesthetic sense make man something more than a mere animal. And he has a still more important gift, freedom, which means he is free to endeavor to actualize these potentialities of reason, rightness, and beauty."

4 "Humanity owes its greatness to being impregnated by divinity."

5 "At any given point in evolutionary development a basis of essential goodness underlies human personality."

6 "Love is not a matter of perfection or imperfection, success or failure; it is a human experience that contains all kinds of failures woven through with divine threads that give it a more than human glow."

7 "The term 'myth' means 'eternal truth' as over against a temporal happening; and hence a myth is not less true, but in a sense more true than an immediate event."

8 "To treat of man is also to treat of God. And that, for me, is the essential point….At the present time it is imperative to understand once more that the rediscovery of man will also be the rediscovery of God." Nicolas Berdyaev

9 "Life ultimately has a good meaning."

10 "Nature does not require that we be perfect; it requires only that we grow, and we can do this as well from a mistake as from a success."

11 "That we bear upon us the 'image of God' is the source of our greatness and dignity; we are worth something since we are a coin stamped with the imprint of deity."

12 "One has only to look into human personality to find the imprint of God and to discover the yearning for God in every human action."

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