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The Imagination of Pentecost: Rudolf Steiner & Contemporary Spirituality
Richard Leviton
"Richard Leviton draws together in a comprehensive and insightful manner the diverse threads of the New Age movement and the teachings of Steiner....this book is a feast for the spiritual imagination." David Spangler, author of 'Emergence: The Rebirth of the Sacred'

1 "Wisdom must become our ideal because everything we do, our thoughts, even our moods, influences the cosmos."

2 "The world, the universe, is the spoken Word of the Logos."

3 "Human and Cosmos are not only reciprocally related but, even though the apparent forms differ, [are] mirror images of each other."

4 "The Logos connects everything in the interdependent web of being."

5 "Sophia (Holy Wisdom) lies hidden in every atom and every stone, every tree and every flower. Her magic wand of revelation lies concealed within each of us." Rudolf Steiner

6 "At the moment in which man realizes that he is embedded within the total organism of the earth…at that moment there exists an objective basis for morality." Rudolf Steiner

7 "Spiritual knowledge, if it's genuine, if it's transmitted correctly, will quicken a human's nature. Spiritual information should help humans find their bearings in life; it would kindle within a deeper love, more understanding. The results are actual life and not dead theory; they come alive in a person and lead one to the whole Anthropos, the complete human."

8 "The Christ is forevermore united with Earth and human evolution."

9 "The Creator…in pointing with the word, he shows himself, and is revealed. This is the primal revelation, creation itself." Georg Kuhlewind, 'Becoming Aware of the Logos'

10 "The natural world is permeated with creative Spirit expressing itself as ideas."

11 "We think we have an individual being in front of us, but this individual is a picture, on a certain spot, of the whole world."

12 "We will wake ourselves up inwardly through our own willed activity, and through this life redeem thinking."

13 "'And the Tree of Life shall blossom with a fruit never before known in the creation, and that fruit shall be the New Spirit of Man,' runs the Zapotec prophecy."

14 "The Christ incarnation had a momentous purpose, a divine teleology that encompasses the entire life of the cosmos."

15 "An imagination is the thought-matrix, the living picture from which physical reality manifests."

16 "Self-knowledge is knowledge of the world and world knowledge is knowledge of the self."

17 "The human, in the act of knowing, of attaining knowledge, actually participates in the creation of the world, contributing something indispensable to the wholeness of being. Cognition is world generative and, through the pure moral impulses it produces, it is equally world restorative."

18 "By no other way than through cognitive free will could humans come to inner freedom and true individuality."

19 "Our real identity and cognitive range includes the entire cosmos and all its beings, and we must strive to be a fully conscious, independent investigator, co-creator, and cosmic colleague."

20 "Through enlivened thinking and the exercise of living imagination, humans will return light to the cosmos. Something will be added to the world through our cognitive activity."

21 "The existence of the planet Earth is far from a random accident in an indifferent cosmos."

22 "The Christ is a generic inner fact of the world and Earth history – and a fact highly worth knowing."

23 "The divine-spiritual lives in each human individuality."

24 "The human is a living miniaturization of the cosmos."

25 "Divine Wisdom lies at the foundation of everything."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite