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The Human Adventure, Contemplation for Everyman
William McNamara, O.C.D.
In this book, the founder of the Spiritual Life Institute of America discusses every level of divine communication and how to achieve union with God.

1 "The whole joyful-painful adventure of living, whether on the crest or in the troughs, is in itself the God experience."

2 "Love defines and identifies me and calls into question all my particular relationships. This is the One I take with absolute seriousness, the One to whom I am ultimately answerable."

3 "A perceiving appreciation of things, which is the first indispensable element of experience, evokes reverence; and reverence is a key virtue; in fact, I think it is the keyest of all virtues."

4 "We should learn to behold the manifold in the One."

5 "God is pre-eminently apprehended where He dwells – in the depths of the soul."

6 "God is within us. He is more real than we are to ourselves."

7 "Wherever we are, whoever we are, the responsibility for the integrity and beauty of our personalities cannot be shirked. I must get up each morning, take life into my own hands, and put my own distinct, unique, and unrepeatable stamp on it. I must freely decide to create the mood of the day rather than let the circumstances and conditions of the day rule my life. With my spirit (the breath of God in me) I will transform the raw matter of my life and make it beautiful. That is my human vocation and my moral duty."

8 "The universe is an orchestration of the one Word God speaks from all eternity."

9 "This is what it means to become the image and likeness of God: to develop the graced capacity we have for altruistic love relationships."

10 "We can become deified. We do not become totally human until we become partly divine. God became man, as St. Athanasius said, so that man might become God. It is God (who is love, and love is diffusive) who takes the initiative, unites himself to us, keeps us alive by his creative and attentive presence, and with no violence, but with the gentle fury of an irrepressible and invincible love, touches us where we are most free."

11 "The deepest and truest thing within me is not myself but God. In the end there is nothing except God."

12 "As for God, his Being is in all beings. He penetrates the whole universe, so that every part of it exists in Him."

13 "There is no such thing as an isolated human being. I am linked to all others."

14 "If we really learn how to see, we will enjoy a pure intuition born of love and thus behold the manifold in the One."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite