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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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Journey Into Consciousness: The Chakras, Tantra and Jungian Psychology
Charles Breaux

1 "Beings such as Christ or Buddha are windows into the spiritual depths of us all."

2 "The Self is the Lord of the self and its goal."

3 "Once the unfoldment of consciousness is completed we return to our original unity. Becoming the whole living through the part, we experience intimately and consciously our groundedness in the cosmic organism. Its wholeness lives in us; it is our life."

4 "Circular motifs…point to our original wholeness – they are without beginning and end, self-contained and eternal."

5 "Beneath all your fears, desires, pains, and preconceptions of the ego-self surges the basic drive to remember your essential nature. This is the same ongoing process, no matter what you might call it."

6 "Universal themes present in the myriad stories of heroes and heroines, and gods and goddesses, evident throughout the world, are dramatizations of the developmental stages of our growth in consciousness."

7 "Jesus the Christ appears as the messenger of the peace and wholeness within. (Another name associated with Christ is Emmanuel, 'God within'). The image of Christ is, therefore, the archetype of the transpersonal and whole-making aspects of the psyche."

8 "Appearing in dreams, fantasy, art, myth, and religion, and even in scientific thought, the archetypes design the entire field of human experience."

9 "The cosmos [is] an interwoven web of vibrations, or subtle resonances."

10 "The human organism in Tantra is experienced as a microcosm of the cosmos."

11 "Found universally in mythology, the primal womb, or the world-egg, are common symbols for the original wholeness from which all life is derived."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite