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Drawing the Larger Circle, How to Love and Be Loved
Jack and Cornelia Addington
The authors claim that it is imperative in our times to send out ever-widening circles of love, especially to those who find it difficult to love.

1 "What is love?....It is the sweetness of life; it is the sweet, tender, melting nature of God, flowing up through his seed of life into the creature, and of all things making the creature most like unto himself, both in nature and operation." Isaac Pennington, 'Works', 1681

2 "The love we realize within ourselves and pass on to others will bring sanity to a disturbed world."

3 "None of us achieve emotional maturity until we have learned not only to love our neighbor, to say 'I care' and mean it, but have learned to love ourselves."

4 "Perfect love casts out fear. Perfect love is right within you, ready to be sent forth in ever-widening circles. Learn how to release that perfect love within that casts out fear."

5 "I know no feeling of separation from any living soul for we are all one as the love of God works in and through His perfect creation."

6 "First keep the peace within yourself, then you can also bring peace to others." Thomas a'Kempis, 'The Imitation of Christ'

7 "Learning to love more is the most vauable thing you can ever do."

8 "Down deep we know we need to love more."

9 "Man, the image and likeness of God, the very expression of God, is one with the Presence; but only his recognition of his oneness will bring unity into his experience."

10 "Love embraces all. Love forgives all. Love swallows up all of our failures and gives us back its grace. It is so freely given."

11 "Within each person is a center of love....Now is the time to send it forth, like ripples from a pebble cast into the still waters of a lake in ever-widening circles."

12 "Ask yourself in everything you do, 'Is this the loving thing to do? Is this the loving answer? Am I letting God's love live through me as I take this step?'"

13 "Love lives in and through each one of us. It's like electric power lying dormant. We have to turn the switch. It's there, but it's not ours until we accept it and use it."

14 "Love is always received – it may take time for it to be understood, but it is always received for what it is."

15 "The brotherhood of man is bound together by love."

16 "Love is all-inclusive. Every small attempt on our part to let the love of God express through us brings us closer to the ultimate cosmic experience of all-inclusive love."

17 "We are secure forever in the knowledge of unchanging love."

18 "Love is everywhere present, in and through all of life. It only needs to be recognized and used, and when we understand this we find that there is no obstacle that can stand in its way."

19 "Now, we see that if love does not supplant hate we will destroy ourselves. Hate, resentment and fear are destructive. Love, rightly used, is constructive and it is through love and understanding that a strong and enduring civilization will emerge."

20 "Love the power of love within you – this is loving God within."

21 "There is no condition – no matter how fixed and intolerable – which cannot be overcome by love. There is no person, regardless of what depths he has sunk to, who cannot be helped, improved, and lifted up by love."

22 "God lives in and through you as love."

23 "In Truth, I have never been separated from God for a single instant."

24 "God's love is perfect in and through His creation. We, being the image and likeness of God, can feel this love and know that it is there for us. We can start by recognizing the expression of love in the beauty of nature surrounding us. We begin to realize that this is God expressing His love. We can feel this love expressing through us. We are the image and likeness of God, that we, too, may love. God is love, and when we love we are like Him."

25 "People say to me, 'how can I pray for another?' It's really very simple. Sit down and surround the person you are thinking of with love. Love him. Love her. Feel this love through your whole being. Then right thoughts and right words and right ideas will come to you. The real work is done when you start loving."

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