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Buddhism and Psychotherapy, The Healing of Heart Doctrine
Manly P. Hall
The author gives interpretations of the psychological meanings of the beliefs and practices of Mahayana Buddhism, adapted to the requirements of non-Buddhist readers.

1 "By inner vision we know ourselves for what we truly are – tiny sparks of infinite life streaming forth from the heart of the Universal One."

2 "Man has within himself a wonderful capacity to grow and to learn and to share happiness with others."

3 "The only reality is One." Lafcadio Hearn

4 "When problems arise, answers also arise."

5 "Universal love alone can heal the sickness of strife and discord, and unite all men in eternal brotherhood."

6 "Universal Law is a manifestation of the pure love that guides creation, and the entire process of evolutionary unfoldment is the fulfillment of the love-motivated purpose of the cosmic plan – the perfection of all that lives."

7 "Love is real;….love saves;….love perfects;….enlightened love is the most precious thing in all the world."

8 "By unfolding with ever increasing insight the inner resources with which we have been endowed, we can become benevolent servants of truth and the compassionate brothers of humankind."

9 "The bodhisattva seeds are in every being, and man is capable of an exalted vision leading to noble action because the universe is the natural abode of every virtue that man can discover in his own soul."

10 "Nature has established laws for the government of all its creations, and it has endowed man with faculties by which he can understand these laws and live in harmony with them."

11 "As children of one infinite life, we are brothers and sisters forever."

12 "The seeds of perfect enlightenment exist in every atom of space, and all beings are unfolding their ultimate states from within themselves in harmony with the infinite purpose."

13 "Always available to us is the healing power of truth."

14 "Compassion is no attribute. It is the Law of laws – eternal Harmony….a shoreless universal essence, the light of everlasting Right, and fitness of all things, the law of love eternal." 'The Voice of the Silence'

15 "Good traditions of all ages must inspire the achievement of world peace."

16 "Good is everywhere, ever abiding; and evil, so-called, is the ignorance in ourselves impelling us to violate the patterns for human growth that exist forever in the Infinite Mind."

17 "Kindness that comes from the heart is every man's bridge with all that lives."

18 "We exist forever within the substance of an eternal mercy."

19 "Through dedication to a good life lived with consideration for our fellow men, we begin the active labor of building an enlightened world."

20 "We live in a just and benevolent universe worthy of our respect and admiration."

21 "The coming Lord is kindness, and when this gracious power directs our conduct, the wounds caused by cruelty will be naturally healed."

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