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The Enlightenment of the Whole Body
Bubba Free John

1 "The true Self of all selves is the Subject of all conditions, and all conditions together are literally the Body of that One."

2 "God Is the Identity and Force that Lives Everyone and Receives Everyone."

3 "There is only One Person. That Person is not separate from any thing or any one….that Person is also the Identity of every human individual…and of all species of experiential existence."

4 "The Divine Person is the Great Spirit or Perfect Consciousness that Lives the World and is Present to the intuitive or native feeling of all beings."

5 "The entire Realm of Change, even the body-mind, and even the soul itself, is Pervaded, each and all, by That which Exists Eternally." Bhagavad Gita 2:17, translated by Bubba Free John

6 "The destiny of the soul of Man is to be Awakened beyond its own limits."

7 "I have always been Served by that One. And I have Transcended everything, even all experiences, through the Grace of that One."

8 "The Absolute and Living Divine Reality…is always already in direct relationship with each of us, at the heart, and may be Realized to be the ultimate Condition of each of us."

9 "The Radiant Power of the Living God is always ready to Incarnate as your own Life of Love."

10 "The Transcendental Personality is One, upon Whom all experiences depend, and in Whom all phenomena rise and fall spontaneously."

11 "We are each inherently obliged to fulfill the Law in human form – to be Love."

12 "God is Radiance, or Love, the Force Field that Pervades and Supports and Moves and Receives and Lives all conditions."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite