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The Transforming Mind
Laurence and Phoebe Bendit
Suggests that once we look inward to encompass the whole of nature, we will automatically re-order the world and save it for peaceful use by our children and their children.

1 "There are an infinite number of points at which Tao or God can be discovered by the inwardly open eye."

2 "We do not have to look for God; he is there all the time, and no movement or travel is needed to find him."

3 "Myth is psychic truth."

4 "We are inclined to be dismayed and afraid of what is going on around us today….But we feel that if the present is properly understood,…there is much ground for hope. It will depend on how intelligently we, as human minds, using all the functions of thought, feeling and the impulse to act, learn to cooperate with the universal Mind out of which we and the whole creation are made. We have the means to do this; we have the guide lines to start us off. If we can see them and make use of them as we should, the future is secure. The choice is ours."

5 "The way through the present crisis is to learn to understand ourselves."

6 "The world of existence is only dual in our conception of it. In Reality there is but one World."

7 "There can be no more than one infinity, a place where all things, the great, the small, the external and the internal meet."

8 "Wholeness, holiness or integration is the teleological aim of every individual."

9 "We move toward that consciousness of our shared destiny in One World." Joy Mills, foreword

10 "Each individual is deeply interlocked with the collectivity in which he is born and in which he lives. The group affects him, he affects the group, in a two-way interchange."

11 "Myth…links the phenomenal world of our personal life with the spiritual level of our Being."

12 "At a deep level we are all united and interdependent."

13 "If we take a series of the dreams of an individual, we find in them the symbols of the universal language of world mythology. At the same time as they belong to mankind rather than to individual man, they have an individual aim, show the single man his own spiritual problems and the solution to them, if he will try to understand them and what they have to tell him."

14 "We can learn much by holding on to the hand of the ancient intuitive tradition of real Religion."

15 "The word 'archetype' is derived from the Greek prefix which signifies a first or primal cause….The word is best taken for the numinous or abstract principle behind any thing or group of things in the phenomenal world. Being thus Numinous or Essential, it is not extended in space-time, but is what we would call a mathematical point with neither size or time-extension."

16 "The Absolute or Supreme God is the basic, or final Archetype in which all lesser archetypes originate and are resolved."

17 "What is truly spiritual includes all aspects of ordinary life."

18 "Religious teachers and writers remind us: that there is behind the urge into matter the teleology which eventually – and, in fact, all the time – draws us back toward the Essential ground behind our existence."

19 "Archetypal images have something in common throughout mankind."

20 "The language of symbols is world-wide and goes far beyond and behind that of ordinary speech."

21 "If we can learn to understand the universe from within, to feel our unity with it, we shall no longer need the instinctive reactions of fear or aggression, and the whole face of civilization will change."

22 "Man [is] the source of his own deeper insights. He is also the focus from which he may help order to emerge from chaos through his inner contact with Being or Tao, his true Self – the God within."

23 "It is well known that every minute physical particle in some measure affects the whole universe….In other words, there is no such thing as an independent entity in the universe, and what happens in one corner sends ripples indefinitely out from itself….what I think and feel spreads all around and influences others."

24 "The individual who becomes aware of his true standard of what is Good finds himself free."

25 "Frazer, in his monumental 'Golden Bough', gives us a vast amount of material from which it becomes clear that what Aldous Huxley later labelled 'the Perennial Philosophy' is basically the same everywhere in the world. This philosophy becomes highly colored with local and racial ideas, but the root is the same in Polynesia or Christendom, in ancient Egypt and in modern days."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite