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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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Rejoice in Me
David E. Rosage
A daily guide to scriptural prayer

1 "Every person is our brother or sister since we are all the temples of the Holy Spirit."

2 "The beginning of wisdom is love, especially the love of our enemies."

3 "Each new day we need to remind ourselves that we are living in the 'eternal now' of God where he is eternally the same – loving us, inspiring us, sustaining us, energizing us."

4 "God [is] the Lord and Master of the universe who guides the destiny of nations, controls the seas, the sun, moon, and stars, calling each one by name."

5 "God's creative love is dynamic and operative within us energizing us and enabling us to function. His creative love is ongoing….We have need to keep ourselves aware of his enduring and faithful love."

6 "God's providential love is being poured out upon us in torrents night and day."

7 "The Lord is calling us into the prayer of listening….Listening prayer means meeting the Lord at the depth of our being."

8 "Our Shepherd…nurtures us in the quiet, prayerful solitude of our own heart."

9 "God's love for every one of us is absolutely infinite."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite