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The Garden of the Golden Flower, The Journey to Spiritual Fulfilment
Longfield Beatty
Explores the path of humanity's journey of life and of the human soul.

1 "The Book of Manu declares: 'Whoso holds himself free from the opposites, that one is redeemed.'"

2 "Love is the expression of Unity, at once All and One."

3 "Love alone is the sovereign power."

4 "I believe that a large proportion of the mythological conception of the world which reaches far into the most modern religions is…psychology projected into the outer world." Sigmund Freud, 'Psychopathology of Everyday Life'

5 "God is love on all levels and everywhere."

6 "There is only one force which integrates the entire universe in all the myriad forms of manifestation."

7 "Psychology, mysticism, and religion are unanimous that the force which tends to unite the opposites is love."

8 "There is only one speech in symbolism….there is but a single root idea behind it all."

9 "God is One and Alone and no other exists with him. God is the One, the One who has made everything." Sir E. A. W. Budge, 'From Fetish to God in Ancient Egypt'

10 "God himself is existence. He subsists in all things and remains in all things." Sir E. A. W. Budge, 'From Fetish to God in Ancient Egypt'

11 "All forces in their totality are resolved into Love."

12 "Ultimately of course each individual is a Christ."

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