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The Gnostic Jung and the Seven Sermons to the Dead
Stephan A. Hoeller

1 "Direct, personal and absolute knowledge of the authentic truths of existence is accessible to human beings, and the attainment of such knowledge must always constitute the supreme achievement of human life."

2 "The deepest and most important task of the soul is attainment to wholeness."

3 "In order to achieve true solutions, human beings must change, not their concepts, but themselves. Such a substantive change, however, is rooted not in theoretical information but in self-knowledge. To strive after one's true nature is thus far more useful than to strive for analytical knowledge."

4 "The authentic selfhood of the human being is…alchemically integrated from the opposites of light and dark, good and evil, masculine and feminine, conscious and unconscious. It is not by simple extension or a lineal path of growth, but by the oppositional conflict and eventual reconciliation of the opposites that the fullness of being is restored within the individual soul."

5 "To recognize Deity as a form of existential or psychological reality is important for the health of the soul."

6 "The darkness within the psyche must be accepted, understood, and ultimately reconciled with the light, in a state of wholeness that is neither light nor darkness but a condition that is both, and yet more than either."

7 "As the interaction and eventual coalescence of the opposites seems to rule the macrocosm of the universe, so it also appears to govern the life of the psyche."

8 "Human nature needs neither sanctification nor deification at our feeble hands; the sanctifying forces as well as the deity indwelling having been planted within it before the beginning of time and the fashioning of space."

9 "The transcendent element of an inward Gnosis is indelibly inscribed in the human heart; all the trivialities of the everyday world due to inattention and consequent ignorance are unable to extinguish its remembrance."

10 "God is not dead; he is as much alive as ever. God is the created world." C. G. Jung, 'Seven Sermons to the Dead'

11 "The psyche contains an indwelling sense of its destiny of wholeness."

12 "Strive after your true nature." C. G. Jung, 'Seven Sermons to the Dead'

13 "Where does Justice lie? In a community of equalities. A common sky stretches above our heads and covers the entire earth with its immensity, the same night reveals its stars to all without discrimination, the same sun, father of night and begetter of day, shines in the sky for all men equally." Epiphanes, Alexandrian Gnostic teacher, 'On Justice'

14 "Jung, in his studies of the mandala geometric designs which arise from the depths of the unconscious, came to the conclusion that in these mandalas one can find the expression of the Anthropos, or 'complete man.'"

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