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From the Outer Court to the Inner Sanctum
Annie Besant
Describes our psycho/spiritual journey from individual consciousness to a realization of our innate Oneness with all that is.

1 "In all creeds are the same great teachings."

2 "The Divine is Love."

3 "The Love of the Divine that emanated all has nothing outside itself."

4 "All Souls are one."

5 "The divine power is perfecting itself within the human form."

6 "The Life that is Divine is the core of everything that exists."

7 "The Divine Life loves all the children that it sends into the world, no matter what their position, nor how low the grade of their evolution."

8 "Everything is to be brought within the circle of Love."

9 "In truth the need for love is greatest where there is no answer of love, and those Souls have the greatest need to receive, who themselves at present give nothing to the love that helps."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite