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The Human Aura
Kuthumi and Djwal Kul

1 "God's awareness of himself as love is anchored in your heart."

2 "In reality man lives in a universe of light and purpose."

3 "The heart is the connecting point for all being, for all self-consciousness. Through the heart all mankind are one."

4 "We experience God as love in the heart and as our communication of love."

5 "Wherever you are in consciousness at this moment, know that you are one with every other soul."

6 "Every erg of energy and every microbe of thought, every wave of feeling, by the law of congruency and the oneness of all life in all planes, resounds throughout the creation."

7 "Let the energies that have been trained to focus on duality be raised to the plane of oneness."

8 "The oneness men should seek to understand and manifest is that of the individuality of God reflected in man. Oneness in Spirit is ever consecration in the Glory to God in the Highest."

9 "The inner eye of the soul perceives life with the spherical vision of the mind of God."

10 "To raise up a culture and a civilization that is saturated with light, light's dimension, and light's intention to be the fullness of God… - this indeed is the true destiny of the soul."

11 "Let us free humanity by right knowledge from all that has bound them and blinded them to their own great inner power, to the treasure-house God has locked within their consciousness."

12 "The influences of the world, the thoughts of the world, the feelings of humanity are easily transmitted consciously or unconsciously from person to person."

13 "Remember, the light shines in the darkness; and whereas the darkness comprehends it not, those who do begin to open their understanding because this is their desire will find an absolute intensification of light taking place within themselves."

14 "It is the divine plan for all to radiate the one light."

15 "There are many paths, but all lead to the one Source of life. All are necessary to the balanced manifestation of God in man."

16 "The cell of life which you are as a microcosmic world can blend with and become the cell of God that is the Macrocosmic Egg. Think on this awhile."

17 "Understand that obedience to the laws of God as these have been set forth by the great prophets and teachers of all time in the sacred scriptures of the world will lead you to the place where you can move forward in the cycles of self-mastery that are even now unfolding."

18 "The commonsense approach to the realities of God is to be found in depth in the being of man. Man is a veritable treasure-house of beauty and perfection when he returns to the divine image."

19 "Thirty-three centuries ago, Ikhnaton, the pharaoh of Egypt, described the universe as a giant egg, a great cell of being in which he conceived the nucleus as the source of that creative force which he acknowledged as the life energy of God."

20 "Freedom of religion is a tenet of the law and of the Lord that allows for agreement in disagreement, whereby the children of God agree to disagree in love, in respect, and in honor for the many rays of the Son Consciousness that lead to the one path of the ineffable light."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite