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Reincarnation: Fact or Fallacy?
Geoffrey Hodson

1 "Speaking in London in 1929, Sir Arthur Eddington, then Professor of Astronomy at the University of Cambridge, said of the law behind the forces of the material universe: 'It is perfect and unbreakable, and worthy to be associated with the mind of God.'"

2 "There is not a word or action which has not its echo in eternity, says a proverb." Edouard Schure, 'Pythagoras and the Delphic Mysteries'

3 "These two powers – unfoldment from less to more and reharmonization – operate irresistibly upon man, as upon all else that exists. Man can delay or hasten, but he cannot ultimately frustrate these two functions of the cosmic Will."

4 "That true Self of man is an eternal, immortal, spiritual being."

5 "To the heart that is responsive to the suffering of the world, to the active mind aspiring to wisdom, to the intuition that is awake, the Divine Presence is ever revealed, the Divine Voice forever speaks."

6 "The divine powers, potentially present within the soul of man from the beginning, germinate and develop from the seed-like to the fully unfolded state."

7 "Man is an imperishable circle in the sphere of Divinity."

8 "The two inner impulses – to expand and to harmonize – arise from within the Spirit-Self of man, which is identical with the Spirit-Self of the universe."

9 "Men and women of every walk of life, humble and exalted, have borne witness to their direct awareness of the Divine Presence and Power."

10 "Know your own mind and realize your own Buddha-nature." Hui Neng (6th Zen patriarch, 6th century ad),

11 "God notes each sparrow's fall (cf. Matt. 10:29). The heart answers to this belief."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite