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Calling the Circle: The First and Future Culture
Christina Baldwin
Baldwin shows how anyone can create the atmosphere, respect, and openness in which a circle can flourish.

1 "Don't blame me; talk with me. Don't withdraw from me, step toward me. Don't shun me; embrace me. Don't sue me, mediate with me. Don't assume; question. Don't let our difference blind us to our commonality."

2 "In each of us resides direct connection to spiritual guidance."

3 "It seems the circle has resided within us since the dawn of time, and is a form familiar to us at a deeply resonant level. Over and over again, when this mythic resonance is activated, people experience a sense of 'having been here before' as they enter the circle."

4 "The circle, often in the form of the Sun Wheel, is represented in different cultures as the Medicine Wheel, the Wheel of Law and Life, the Wheel of the Year, and the Catherine Wheel. Jung traced the image of the circle back to the Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods, when wheels were carved and painted as a sacred symbol, thousands of years before the wheel was invented as an actual tool. Based on this research, Jung saw the wheel as a primary symbol, one of the mythic motifs springing from the collective unconscious."

5 "May all that I do today contribute to the healing of the world, and may my heart be open enough to allow the world to contribute to my healing."

6 "Masala, the messenger of the Hopi people, prophesied that there would come an eleventh hour when all people would have to choose to remain divided and destroy themselves and the planet, or to reunite and restore the balance of life. Certainly we are at that hour."

7 "I believe we can apply consciousness to heal the world – and we already are. Great power lies within us. What has been missing is the mechanism for organizing this power. I believe this mechanism of empowerment and action is THE CIRCLE."

8 "The deepest we can reach into our exploration of the unconscious mind is the layer where man is no longer a distinct individual, but where his mind widens out and merges into the mind of mankind – where we are all one." C. G. Jung, 'The Symbolic Life'

9 "We choose. We choose what carries energy in our lives. We choose what we pay attention to. We choose what mental and emotional impulses and responses drive us."

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