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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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Spirit Guides
Iris Belhayes
The message of this book is that we are at all times surrounded by the love and support of the Universe.

1 "Those needing our help are there for us to see….the world hunger, the millions of homeless, desolate and lost friends – all beings who are a part of us – are giving us the opportunity to view a need and do something about fulfilling that need."

2 "As we grow in awareness, our compassion takes on deeper tones, rich and full; and when we see others in trouble, hungry, in apathy, afraid, we feel it intensely. To withhold our help is near to impossible….That is because we are all essentially loving and generous."

3 "There is no way that any part of All There Is can be cut off and exist separately."

4 "The ultimate and sweetest success is finding our way back to the connection with All There Is."

5 "Everyone will become enlightened….everyone will. There is no way it won't happen."

6 "We are each a part of All There Is and that includes all dimensions, all beingness, all of Life in the vast everywhere."

7 "In order to experience and understand oneness one can look within and find the core of one's own being and find that core to be the common reality which we all share."

8 "We are one in spirit...we can experience Oneness with all of life everywhere."

9 "Each of us is experiencing those things necessary for us to experience in order to fulfill our own thrusts for learning, development, adventure and growth."

10 "Remember that you are a part of everything."

11 "In order for this world to fulfill itself, we must interact together, forming a full circle of reality, a great ballet of spirit and experience, choreographed perfectly to afford each of us a starring role in the game of Life."

12 "We are not alone. We are not floating in a vast sea of unknownness….We have not been stuck into a fearful world, landing in a world about which we are not to be given the rules for survival – although it may at times seem as though we have. We are much more knowledgeable about this world than we have ever imagined."

13 "Perhaps even a smile at the right time can have a great deal to do with what happens in another's personal world. Sometimes, to acknowledge another's existence is to acknowledge our own. There are many ways in which we can be of help to others."

14 "We are all a part of All There Is and there is no real separation."

15 "During this dawning of our awakening as a species we will see the strangers in us disappear and the lovely oneness of our being open up to let in the light of true love and acceptance of all life and All There Is."

16 "We are here to learn…. that we are a part of All There Is."

17 "One does not create oneness. One experiences it. Knows it. It already exists."

18 "With the emergence of the realizations of oneness, the depth of our growth in enlightenment becomes ever richer and deeper."

19 "Sooner or later each being will look up and realize he is already free – and free without the help of an organization or group, but by and for the 'self' as a part of All There Is."

20 "We are part of all creation…We are involved with all of life and all of creation."

21 "The main event for us all is the rediscovery of our inner knowing, our inner being, our oneness with all of life on every plane."

22 "We can lay aside our fears in order to perceive the safety and beauty that lies within our knowing."

23 "The coming great renascence will free humankind spiritually while regaining the connection with All There Is."

24 "We are a part of All There Is – earth, wind, fire, all physical creations (trees, rocks, mountains, the fish in the sea, the birds flying free, the colors of the sunrise and sunset, the evening star, the waterfall, the air we breathe, even our bodies throughout all their cycles and ages) all emotions and experiences, all particles of existence, all beings everywhere, all dimensions, all thought, all creation, all imagination, God – All There Is."

25 "All life is perfect for its purpose and for the purpose of all life."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite