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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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Regents of the Seven Spheres
H. K. Challoner

1 "Perfect is the Law, evolving all things toward adjustment; for each is a facet of the whole."

2 "We are all One."

3 "Man is innately love – the force which produces coherency."

4 "Love is the link between us, for love is the primal impulse throughout the whole creation."

5 "There is always a centre – such as the sun with the planets, or the cell with its nucleus; that is, a point of power which gives life and energy to the whole of the structure."

6 "Ours is the task to build humanity ever anew, leading it on from strength to strength, towards its full fruition, the apex of its glory."

7 "No sound, no thought, no movement in any centre of manifesting life, but creates a ripple which flows throughout all realms of being to distances so vast man's comprehension reels before such possibilities. In all creation, life responds to life."

8 "The constructive and inspirational energies of mankind will be drawn into ever closer alignment with the creative source of life, which will help stimulate our imaginative faculties and give us a far greater and more all-inclusive vision of the divine Plan."

9 "Man's every action affects the lives of his brothers."

10 "Until East and West can comprehend each other's thought; until the barriers of race and creed are down, and all know that Truth is one; until each country has passed through the hot fires of experience and mastered its own control, finding its unity within and realizing that each one is part of all; until that time, peace cannot reign on earth."

11 "Know that all things…. advance inevitably toward some higher goal, striving toward perfection."

12 "The famous axiom attributed to Hermes Trismegistus is an accepted part of the teaching of the Mystery Schools: As it is above so it is below; as it is within, so it is without; as in the great so in the small; There is but one Life and one Law."

13 "Love is the vibration to which all nature responds; it is the keynote of creation."

14 "Invoke the wisdom of the 'Master in the heart', that point of divinity possessed by all, which is sometimes called the Higher Self or the Soul, the seat of divine wisdom."

15 "Through harmony alone can nations grow; through arts and sciences, through music, through spiritual vision; those higher potencies in man which rise ever superior to the illusory barriers of race or creed or speech."

16 "Man, his eyes opened, shall at last behold himself transfigured, glorified….merged and one with All."

17 "From atom to god, the Law repeats itself in ever widening circles."

18 "Our Father stands guardian over his children, great and small alike, protecting them in love."

19 "Each centre of the indwelling life draws to itself by its own mysterious individual magnetism what it needs for its expansion."

20 "The great wheels turn in cyclic motion, bearing all things toward one consummation."

21 "We are one with our earth at every level."

22 "It is taught in the Ancient Wisdom, which comprises the basic concepts to be found in the great world-wide Mystery religions…that everything in existence is the objective appearance of a spiritual being. This applies equally to the universe itself, the 'garment' of God Immanent, every constellation, galaxy, quasar, sun and planet down to the smallest particle of matter. All and each are representative of aspects of the manifestation of divine energy or the all-pervasive Life of God."

23 "Then will all men, all nations, every race, sounding out each his own perfected chord, unite in one transcendent symphony."

24 "The soul is group-conscious."

25 "All things in nature play their little part within the vaster plan."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite