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A database of 11,000+ illuminated guiding quotations in 40 categories from 600+ inspired books by our most brilliant and influential authors.
Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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The Findhorn Garden: Pioneering a New Vision of Man and Nature in Cooperation
The Findhorn Community

1 "We are told to turn within, to seek God within….But this withinness is not contained in my physical body which would limit it; it is in all dimensions of space and time; it is infinite, the eternal now."

2 "We are one under the One."

3 "God's will is the path we tread which develops the best for us and for all we encounter."

4 "Through love we can blend with the consciousnes of a plant or with the consciousness of another human being."

5 "We would shout it in words of fire that oneness is."

6 "God is everywhere. He is not large. He is not small."

7 "All the Earth's surface is of one family, one creation, one intelligence."

8 "God is within everyone, the very thing everyone lives by."

9 "One radiant energy pervades and gives rise to all life."

10 "Life is ceaselessly growing, moving on, learning, rising and becoming more and more conscious."

11 "All things are a manifestation of intelligence and all happenings are related."

12 "This is one great use for memory, to recall the oneness of life."

13 "The most sacred esoteric teachings throughout the ages have held that in understanding the inner and outer realities of nature, humanity can understand itself."

14 "The essence of all growth processes is, in fact, divinity." 1

15 "Love is a firm reality which forms a bridge over which all can walk."

16 "There is no end to God's gifts to his creation. In all this we are one, without separation. Let us extend that oneness to all levels, and let us do it here and now."

17 "All around you creation reflects the oneness of life."

18 "What greater vision could be given humankind than for God to say to us, 'You are my beloveds. Build with me, create with me.'"

19 "God is within all life."

20 "We share the one limitless energy that is within all life forms and actions. When we accept and acknowledge the beauty and perfection of each form this energy takes, we experience oneness."

21 "Love is always the fundamental key in guiding our awareness."

22 "All have the breath of God in them. The air you breathe – is it not full of God, is it not your life force? All of creation shares in it, contributes something to it."

23 "All participate in and reflect the same universal processes of growth. Our planet is informed with a life and a spirit which is gradually unfolding itself, realizing its latent potentials. This process repeats itself on every level of being."

24 "Man has the divine power of transcendence, of moving beyond pre-set patterns, of bridging the dimensions of form and spirit, potential and actuality, image and fulfillment."

25 "You, too, are parts of the whole – part of that clod of earth, part of that tiny flower, part of the sunshine and the rain, the light in another's eye, the warmth of another's smile."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite