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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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The Findhorn Garden: Pioneering a New Vision of Man and Nature in Cooperation
The Findhorn Community

1 "All is one life. Play your part in making life one."

2 "All cultures begin in explosions of myth in the minds of prophets, mystics, visionary scientists, artists and crazies. Whether it is in the dreams of Descartes, Alfred Russell Wallace and Niels Bohr, or in the visions of Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed, culture springs from the depths." William Irwin Thompson, Foreword

3 "God's will is the path we tread which develops the best for us and for all we encounter."

4 "God is your supply, not the vine nor the tree, nor the soil nor other human beings, nor the kingdoms of nature. God is your source of supply."

5 "The current ecology movement is attempting to restore balance by pointing out the interrelatedness of life upon the Earth, insisting upon a holistic vision for survival."

6 "Through love we can blend with the consciousnes of a plant or with the consciousness of another human being."

7 "What we call opposites are only complementary parts of a greater whole."

8 "We are one under the One."

9 "To do God's will you must attempt to see with his vision, know with his love, live with his life. It is as simple as that. It is not a complex pattern."

10 "Mankind has an inherent sensitivity to the needs of Earth and to the plan of God."

11 "This is one great use for memory, to recall the oneness of life."

12 "Love is the energy of acceptance that cuts through the apparent barriers and links us with every part of life."

13 "All participate in and reflect the same universal processes of growth. Our planet is informed with a life and a spirit which is gradually unfolding itself, realizing its latent potentials. This process repeats itself on every level of being."

14 "The esoteric traditions of all cultures speak of the 'withinness' of things that seeks to externalize and to fulfill itself. If we think of our planet as an organic, growing system – a living being – then it, too, has an image of fulfillment buried within its seed center, an image that is using all of nature as its means of emergence."

15 "If we treat everything as alive, intelligent and part of the One Life, our own life is greatly enriched."

16 "Broader awareness comes by recognizing our oneness with all aspects of life."

17 "The image of God is the process of divinity itself, and that is a process of growth, of nourishment, of wisdom, light and love. It is the process of life unfolding itself into greater levels of freedom and knowing and expression."

18 "Everything belongs to one world."

19 "Ultimately, it is love that fulfills all laws."

20 "When you delve deeply into anything you will find God is there."

21 "We have many opportunities every day through which to learn of the unity in apparent separation. We can work toward it in every moment."

22 "Out of separation comes synthesis, and out of domination comes cooperation. This is the promise of recreating the Garden that is Earth's essence."

23 "Oneness is not just on the high or inner levels where God is but is right here and now."

24 "Man cannot grow unless he learns to understand his oneness with his world."

25 "God is everywhere. He is not large. He is not small."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite