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Intuitive Thinking As A Spiritual Path: A Philosophy of Freedom
Rudolf Steiner

1 "Of course, individualism may provoke conflict, but it can also create a matrix for mutual understanding. Instead of competing with you selfishly, I can use my selfhood to recognize yours. When human beings manage to respond to individuality, they are most likely to achieve social harmony." Gertrude Reif Hughes, Introduction

2 "We as individuals can undertake to cultivate our intuitive nature and so develop moral insight." Gertrude Reif Hughes, Introduction

3 "The segment of the world that I perceive is run through by the stream of the universal world process."

4 "Developed in one's own unique way by each individual who undertakes to do so, the thinking capacity can become reliable intuition, allowing one to find the motivation for what one 'must' do and to choose it freely. In such choices, individuality and cognition unite to produce freedom, freely undertaken actions that are both fully individual and socially constructive." Gertrude Reif Hughes, Introduction

5 "Codes of law and morality do not exist independently of human beings, to be restrictively imposed upon us. We ourselves create the codes."

6 "It is true that we have estranged ourselves from nature; but it is just as true that we feel we are in her and belong to her. It can only be her activity that lives in us. We must find the way back to her again. A simple reflection can show us the way….We must seek out this natural being within ourselves, and then we shall also rediscover the connection to her."

7 "Life to spiritual vision is a flowing entity."

8 "All humans are within her [nature] and she in them."

9 "We need to awaken to the functioning presence of spiritual realities in our lives. They are much more subtle, less sensational, more delicate, less crude, than we may expect. Consequently they are easy to overlook." Gertrude Reif Hughes, Introduction

10 "There is no such thing as an object cut off from the world-as-a-whole."

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