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The Soul of Christianity: Restoring the Great Tradition
Huston Smith

1 "The truth is that consciousness is the foundation of things. And just as matter cannot be destroyed…so too with consciousness….Life is everlasting."

2 "In descending to finitude, the singularity of the Infinite splays into multiplicity – the One becomes the many. The parts of the many are virtues, for they retain in lesser degree the signature of the One's perfection."

3 "Goodness has power – indeed, ultimate power."

4 "Eternity can break into the moments of our experience with lightning flashes of illumination."

5 "All things started from one beginning." Origen

6 "Nothing can deprive us of the Image of God that is the foundation of our humanity. It will keep sending us signals. We can let our willfulness suppress them or brush them aside, but for only so long. And when they begin to get through to us, our recovery is on its way."

7 "Truth is the WHOLE. We miss the truth if we content ourselves with fragments."

8 "The world is perfect, and the human opportunity is to see that and conform to that fact."

9 "Everything that came from Jesus's lips worked like a magnifying glass to focus human awareness on the two most important facts about life: God's overwhelming love of humanity, and the need for people to accept that love and let it flow through them in the way water passes without obstruction through a sea anemone."

10 "The natural image to depict the Infinite's inclusiveness is a circle, an all-including circle that encompasses our finite universe and out of which it is impossible to fall. 'In Him we live and move and have our being', Paul tells us, and Augustine added, 'God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.'"

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