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God and The Evolving Universe: The Next Step in Personal Evolution
James Redfield, Michael Murphy and Sylvia Timbers

1 "Evolution has brought each of us to the brink of transformation. At no other time has there been such wide acknowledgment of our greater potentials, such abundance of resources for vision and practice, or such openness toward the spiritual mysteries of existence. Through balanced and dedicated practice, all of us can more fully participate in – and contribute to – the world's evolutionary adventure."

2 "Our life is maintained by continual inflow from the World-soul."

3 "We and the world are unfolding from the same transcendent source and are secretly moved to manifest more and more of our latent divinity."

4 "There is a truth and a goodness, a redeeming joy in which this world rests."

5 "All of us, at every turn, can realize more of our latent divinity."

6 "In essence, all religions point to the extraordinary in us, to the greater life that is pressing to make its appearance on Earth. Recognition of this is spreading in the global village."

7 "All men and women, including the poor, the sick, and the oppressed, are equal children of the Living God."

8 "We believe that humankind's exploration of the inner life, in its infancy now, can reveal new frontiers of creativity, antidotes for hatred and alienation, and possibilities for cultural transformation beyond those we presently imagine."

9 "Every enduring religion has stood witness to our ego-transcending capacities for knowledge, love, and world service. Extraordinary human attributes have been nurtured in every sacred tradition."

10 "Prayer is instinctive in us and can empower all transformative practice."

11 "The web of life connects us all."

12 "The universe has a telos, a fundamental tendency to manifest its latent divinity."

13 "A greater being, it seems, is seeking to emerge in us, a being that knows at once that it is fundamentally connected with the great field of creation around us. This is not merely an intellectual idea but a direct realization. It carries a greater sense of certainty than our biological identity."

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