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The Meaning in Dreams and Dreaming
Maria F. Mahoney
Explains the techniques of Carl Jung in non-technical language to help us understand the meaning of our dreams.

1 "All of mankind at this level [the collective unconscious] is fused into one common humanity, the individual mind merges with the unconscious mind of the race."

2 "Instincts and archetypes share in common the fact of being essentially collective, that is, universal and regularly occurring."

3 "We are complex inhabitants of many worlds, within and without. We are at once animal, yet we have the ability to think; we are sentient creatures related to the apes and, at the same time, carriers of a transcendent spirit which makes us capable of a nobility creditable to the divine."

4 "Protoplasm is not a substance but a system possessing a pattern, which so regulates the course of the changes that go on within it that a specific form of activity tends to result….There is inherent in the living system a self-regulating quality that keeps it directed toward a definite norm of course and the growth and activity of the organism takes place in conformity to it." Edmund W. Sinnott, 'Matter, Mind and Man'

5 "I must first put myself right….I need for this purpose knowledge and experience of the most intimate and intrinsic foundations of my subjective being so as to build my base upon the eternal factors of the human soul." Carl G. Jung, The Guild of Pastoral Psychology, Lecture 10

6 "Fraser, Frobenius, Bayley and Muller, to name but four well-known scholars whose contributions to a new science of symbology are the product of years of research in the fields of anthropology, archeology, comparative religions and ethnology, show that the practices, rituals, symbols and beliefs prevailing amongst people widely separated by space, time and cultures are virtually identical."

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