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Healing Through Colour
Theo Gimbel

1 "The teachings handed down from antiquity are that man has the imprint of God and thus has the memory to be in communication with that part of his being."

2 "Earth, plant, animal and man are all interdependent."

3 "Through his capacity for thinking, intelligence and logic, man can reason, deduce, enlarge or develop his consciousness."

4 "All is interwoven, solid, liquid, rhythm and form of which also the human breath is a part."

5 "Restoring the divine dignity of each individual being is our duty and the only relevant way to follow on the path of healing."

6 "We will come to see that there is not one atom in matter that is not part of the whole."

7 "It is not by chance that we are told 'So God created man in His own image.'"

8 "The work of all the spiritual teachers blends together….each adding another aspect to the whole of man and his part in this world's evolution."

9 "Nothing is separate; everything is related to the whole."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite