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Our Dreaming Mind
Robert L. Van deCastle, Ph.D.
A sweeping exploration of the role that dreams have played in politics, art, religion, and psychology, from ancient civilizations to the present day.

1 "The human psyche inexorably moves toward an ultimate goal – that of maturity, completion, and fulfillment."

2 "The liberating inner light of hope burning in an individual's dreams may serve to unite a chain reaction when shared with others."

3 "In volume 18 of his Collected Works, Jung explained: 'The archetype is an inherited tendency of the human mind to form representations of mythological motifs – representations that vary a great deal without losing their basic pattern.'"

4 "The individual unconscious is related to the unconscious of all humans."

5 "Asleep, we turn our attention to the reality of our interconnectedness as members of a single species. In this sense we may regard dreaming as concerned with the issue of species-connectedness." Montague Ullman, psychoanalyst

6 "All that our ancestors lived, felt, and suffered during countless ages of time, all that they condensed into images and faculties and definite movements has been passed on to us in the shape of latent capacities and possibilities inherent in our neuro-cerebral system….These latent characters of the psychic organism inherited from our remotest ancestors stir within us."

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