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The Language of Silence
J. Allen Boone
Heartwarming true experiences that reveal a wonderful world of communication between human beings and all of life.

1 "The Mind of the universe is ever speaking through all life, for the greater good of all living creatures, all the time."

2 "All living creatures reflect the same Universal Intelligence." Paul and Blanche Leonard, Introduction

3 "The Ruling Design, the Divine Plan of Central Unification, [is] ever moving through all phases of the kinship and oneness of all life."

4 "The divine Consciousness ever includes, permeates, animates, and directs the entire universe."

5 "There is one infinite Intelligence moving through all life."

6 "Life, in its real meaning and functioning, is an all-including and boundless totality, an inseparable oneness, a complete participation and sharing."

7 "All life is one, with a boundless variety of manifestations."

8 "A great and eternal fact began dawning over the horizon of my awareness. This: that in reality, there were no separating barriers between one living thing and another. That innately, I and every living thing were needed individual parts, or expressions in the forever functioning of the inseparable oneness of all life. And this is true regardless of all surface appearances and seemings to the contrary."

9 "Appreciation is the sunlight of love that makes relationships grow and bear fruit."

10 "Love is the universal, divine Intelligence and Energy that, flowing out in its boundlessness, makes, motivates, and manages all that really is – linking all things with all things, in harmonious interrelations."

11 "All life is one, and all living things brothers and sisters."

12 "'We are all made of the same stuff eternity is made of', as Shakespeare so aptly phrased it."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite