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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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Arcana Mundi
Georg Luck
Magic and the Occult in the Greek and Roman worlds

1 “All creatures, all created things, are united by a common bond. If one is affected, another one, no matter how distant or seemingly unconnected, feels the impact.”

2 “This organic structure of the huge universe, its individual parts composed of different elements – air, fire, earth, and the flat sea – is ruled by the divine power of spirit. God breathes through the whole in a mystic way and governs it by mysterious means. He controls the mutual relationships between all parts through which one part transmits its strength to another, and in turn receives another’s strength. As a result, cosmic sympathy reigns forever among a variety of phenomena.” Manilius

3 “Everything is One.” The Book of Comarius

4 “The unity of all things, their unity within diversity, had been postulated by the [Greek] Eleatic School in the sixth century b.c.”

5 “The world itself moves by an eternal principle.” Manilius

6 “The universe is the work of one creator.” Manilius

7 “Nothing is left to chance, everything happens according to a cosmic scheme.”

8 “People of different societies and cultures the world over think and feel and react in similar ways. They have the same types of dreams, hopes, fears, problems….and all this is reflected partly in language, myth, and literature, partly in folklore, ritual, and religion.”

9 “The One Being is the supreme god at whose command (the One Word) the world was created.”

10 “There is one universal harmony.” Plotinus, ‘Enneads’

11 “I shall sing how the life of the whole universe is based on mutual sympathy and how it moves by the force of reason because a single spirit inhabits all its parts and radiates through the whole world, spreading itself through everything.” Manilius

12 “The whole cosmos is one huge living and breathing organism…and just as in the human body the condition of one part may affect another part, what happens in one region of the universe may affect what happens in another region. This is a clear statement of the principle of ‘cosmic sympathy’.”

13 “Everything moves according to the divine power.” Manilius

14 “The world moves in accordance with a divine power and is, in itself, god.” Manilius

15 “All this is not the work of chance but the planning of a supreme God.” Manilius

16 “One is all, and by it all, and for it all.” Alchemical saying

17 “I shall sing of the god who rules mysteriously over nature, the god who permeates the sky, the land, and the sea and who governs the whole immense structure with a unifying bond.” Manilius

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite