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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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Living Wholeness
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1 "Compassion is our capacity to treat others as ourselves – a sign of our radical interdependence." Matthew Fox Sheer Joy, Conversations with Thomas Aquinas on Creation Spirituality (Matthew Fox)

2 "Now this is unified and one and common to the whole divinity, that the entire wholeness is participated in by each of those who participate in it; none participates in only a part. It is rather like the case of a circle. The center point of the circle is shared by the surrounding radii. Or take the example of a seal. There are numerous impressions of the seal and these all have a share in the original prototype; it is the same whole seal in each of the impressions and none participates in only a part." Pseudo-Dionysius, The Complete Works (John Farina, Editor-in-Chief)

3 "All is part of the whole, and all has purpose and meaning." To Hear the Angels Sing (Dorothy Maclean)

4 "Asleep, we turn our attention to the reality of our interconnectedness as members of a single species. In this sense we may regard dreaming as concerned with the issue of species-connectedness." Montague Ullman, psychoanalyst Our Dreaming Mind (Robert L. Van deCastle, Ph.D.)

5 "The part of the world you touch is never the same, nor is the World Entire, for your impact reaches beyond your imagining." Tomorrow's God, Our Greatest Spiritual Challenge (Neale Donald Walsch)

6 "No element could move and grow except with and by all the others with itself." The Phenomenon of Man (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)

7 "The earth is honey for all beings; all beings are honey for the earth also -…It is the self, the immortal, Brahman, all. Just as all the spokes of a cartwheel are fixed in the nave and the circumference, so are all beings fitted in the self, which is without before or after, or inside or outside, the knower of all." Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, II, 5 The Glorious Presence (Ernest E. Wood)

8 "Feeling the impulse toward wholeness, man applies it to all that he does. It motivates his thoughts, permeates his activities, and resides in all that he constructs. In his dwellings, as in those of most of the 'primitive', pre-industrial world, there is a place, an altar, a fire, a stone that is the center, not only of the house or dwelling, but also of the entire cosmos…. We are dealing with what is essentially a SACRED principle, or a sacred state of consciousness in which all beings and all things are realized equally as emanations of One Divine Whole." Mandala (Jose and Miriam Arguelles)

9 "There is a splendid simplicity at the back of all the complexity, a unity behind all the diversity." The Hidden Side of Things (C. W. Leadbeater)

10 "The undivided wholeness of existence is a holographic pattern of matter, energy, movement and space-time. Each locality of space, however tiny, contains…the pattern of the whole." Unknown Man (Yatri)

11 "Education is the ability to perceive the hidden connections between phenomena." Vaclav Havel The Hidden Connections (Fritjof Capra)

12 "Bliss is associated with complete Being; it concerns the interior attitude of the Whole." The Rays and The Initiations (Alice A. Bailey)

13 "The complexity and the diversity are illusions produced by our limitations; the simplicity and the unity are real." The Hidden Side of Things (C. W. Leadbeater)

14 "Support for the concept of interrelatedness is emerging from all sides. This idea, strange and foreign a hundred years ago, is becoming more and more important in modern thought." Ancient Wisdom, Modern Insight (Shirley Nicholson)

15 "Your Wholeness has as its single goal your awakening to your God-Self." Reflections of an Elder Brother: Awakening from the Dream (Mary-Margaret Moore)

16 “The unity of all things, their unity within diversity, had been postulated by the [Greek] Eleatic School in the sixth century b.c.” Arcana Mundi (Georg Luck)

17 "Remain always true to yourself, but move ever upward toward greater consciousness and greater love! At the summit you will find yourself united with all those who, from every direction, every culture, have made the same ascent. For everything that rises must converge." Pierre Teilhard deChardin to Jean Houston A Mythic Life, Learning to Live our Greater Story (Jean Houston)

18 "Initiation, which used to be an individual, secret matter, has now become a collective process taking place in the open minds and lives of many modern people. This marks the beginning of a cycle leading back to the wholeness that characterized early humanity." Motherpeace: A Way to the Goddess through Myth, Art, and Tarot (Vicki Noble)

19 "God has wisely joined us all together as the parts of a body so that we cannot say to another, 'I have no need of you.'" John Wesley (1703-1791), English spiritual leader Devotional Classics (Richard J. Foster and James Bryan Smith, editors)

20 "We are inescapably all members of one another." Rose Terlin, contemporary American editor and writer, 'Christian Faith and Social Action' The Choice Is Always Ours (Dorothy B. Phillips, Chief Editor)

21 "Wholeness wants to be transformed from a latent state of unconsciousness into an approximate consciousness of itself." Collected Works (Carl Jung)

22 "When Buddhist scholars look at quantum mechanics, they tend to go, 'Aha, aha, this is what we've been saying all the time. Phenomena are all interdependent.' What looked to be isolated phenomena at an energetic level aren't isolated at all. Everything's related to everything else." Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. Angels: The Mysterious Messengers (Rex Hauck, editor)

23 "We have a magnificent metaphor for the presence of love in our midst. Our fabulous technological ingenuity has created a world that is now linked by a pulsating electronic web, a global nervous system which demonstrates in a very concrete way that as a body of humanity we are all beautifully linked together, that we are all incredibly connected…… the real challenge now is for us to see that it is love that is truly the web of our connection, that we are all of a piece as human beings and spirits, that we share the same joys and woes, that we partake of the same eternal spiritual destiny." Daphne Rose Kingma, 'A Profound Infusion of Love' The Fabric of the Future (M. J. Ryan, editor)

24 "Everywhere are to be found centres of force, and the idea can be extended from such a force centre as a chemical atom, on and up through varying grades and groups of such intelligent centres, to humanity, and thence to the Life which is manifesting through the system. Thus is demonstrated a marvellous and synthesised Whole." The Consciousness of the Atom (Alice A. Bailey)

25 "In any one thing you behold, indeed in every conceivable thing you can imagine, there also exists the latent potentiality for all things – for absolutely everything. The whole universe is contained in every point just as the whole ocean is reflected in every drop within its depths." Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire (Deepak Chopra)

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite