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The Religions
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1 "There is remarkable agreement found among mystics of widely varying religious traditions." Mysticism and Ecumenism (Robley Edward Whitson)

2 "Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity all alike share certain social and economic ideals, based on the right relation between man and nature and God….If they could find a common basis on which to work together, then they would exercise an incalculable influence on the world. It would then be possible to conceive a new world order, in which the ideals of modern science and technology, of humanism and democracy could be integrated in a spiritual order, which would give them that relation to ultimate truth and reality which they need." Christ in India: Essays Towards a Hindu-Christian Dialogue (Bede Griffiths)

3 "The principles of inner development are basically no different now than they were in the days of Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Shankara, or Confucious. These great masters offer similar messages that have not become less essential for people in the modern world. These principles stretch beyond time and change." Oneness: Great Principles Shared By All Religions (Jeffrey Moses)

4 “All the world religions, if properly understood, loved, and lived lead to the same ‘inner Temple’, to the One God and God-Experience.” Divine Light and Fire, Experiencing Esoteric Christianity (Peter Roche deCoppens)

5 "We human beings can be nourished by the best values of many traditions." Living Buddha, Living Christ (Thich Nhat Hanh)

6 "The teachings of the sages throughout human history have ever included the call to live so that others are helped rather than harmed by one's actions. Here also is the message for today to all mankind. 'Take responsibility. Be concerned about the welfare of others, physical, emotional, and mental.' This, indeed, is the heart of the religion of the New Age and happily is so becoming for a growing number of people during this present period of human history." Call to the Heights, Guidance on the Pathway to Self-illumination (Geoffrey Hodson)

7 "The world outside us IS really most deeply akin to ourselves….It is this perception, this conviction of our essential unity with the whole of creation, which lay from the first at the base of all Religion." The Origins of Pagan and Christian Beliefs (Edward Carpenter)

8 "I believe that the religions have many of the answers which the political world is seeking…they have been here many more years than the United Nations. We should consult them. Dag Hammarskjold and U Thant were absolutely right when they considered that world affairs needed to be inspired, guided, elevated, and ruled by a global spirituality, and that political leaders needed similarly to be guided by a personal spirituality." Robert Muller, 'New Genesis: Shaping A Global Spirituality' A Parliament of Souls, In Search of Global Spirituality (Michael Tobias, Jane Morrison, Bettina Gray, editors)

9 "It is inter-faith ecumenism that should be the aim for us all at this moment in history." Trevor Huddleston, English Anglican missionary The Lion Christian Quotation Collection (Hannah Ward & Jennifer Wild, compilers)

10 "God is beyond any particular cultural manifestation, yet can dress within the context of any religious tradition, thus helping each one of us on the path of self-realization." Riding With the Lion: In Search of Mystical Christianity (Kyriacos C. Markides)

11 "Every enduring religion has stood witness to our ego-transcending capacities for knowledge, love, and world service. Extraordinary human attributes have been nurtured in every sacred tradition." God and The Evolving Universe: The Next Step in Personal Evolution (James Redfield, Michael Murphy and Sylvia Timbers)

12 “People of different societies and cultures the world over think and feel and react in similar ways. They have the same types of dreams, hopes, fears, problems….and all this is reflected partly in language, myth, and literature, partly in folklore, ritual, and religion.” Arcana Mundi (Georg Luck)

13 "Universal heroes – Mohammed, Jesus, Gautama Buddha – bring a message for the entire world." Hero With A Thousand Faces (Joseph Campbell)

14 "When we examine the sacred books of various religions and the original sayings of the world's greatest teachers, we are able to perceive a singular uniformity." Basic Theosophy (Geoffrey Hodson)

15 "Our 'own' consciousness is like a light which is switched on in the meeting with another. What is new in today's interreligious situation could be described as a worldwide and conscious application of this principle to interreligious dialogue, with the goal of cooperation in all areas of life." The Unity of Reality (Michael vonBruck)

16 "The aim of all religions is essentially the same. It is the reunion of the self-conscious with that supreme Principle of consciousness and being which is known metaphysically as the One." The Flame and the Light (Hugh I'anson Fausset)

17 "To the extent that all mystical or peak experiences are the same in their essence and have always been the same, all religions are the same in their essence and always have been the same." Religions, Values, and Peak-Experiences (Abraham Maslow)

18 "In essence, all religions point to the extraordinary in us, to the greater life that is pressing to make its appearance on Earth. Recognition of this is spreading in the global village." God and The Evolving Universe: The Next Step in Personal Evolution (James Redfield, Michael Murphy and Sylvia Timbers)

19 "Each of us longs to believe that our own life – and all life – is not accidental and meaningless but has value and purpose. Assurance that this is so has come from religion for billions of people since the dawn of history." Sacred Origins of Profound Things (Charles Panati)

20 "Religious evolution through the ages has been practically One thing – there has been in fact a World-religion, though with various phases and branches." The Origins of Pagan and Christian Beliefs (Edward Carpenter)

21 [God:] "I have said to all of humanity, unto you will I send my messengers, and among you will they walk. Not only one, but many, not only in ancient times, but through all the ages, bringing you the knowing of the truth of your being, even as that truth emerges in and through them, AS them." Tomorrow's God, Our Greatest Spiritual Challenge (Neale Donald Walsch)

22 "The most important of the fundamental instincts [is] the religious instinct for wholeness." Collected Works (Carl Jung)

23 "All religions are equally valid means to the same end: awakening the selfless, unconditional love that…is unreservedly given to all without expectations." Spiritual Genius, The Mastery of Life's Meaning (Winifred Gallagher)

24 "In man's long earthly evolution of thousands of years, he has had countless religious and spiritual experiences. They are hidden in the recesses of his soul so that he responds consciously or subconsciously to spiritual truths." The Flowering Tree (Gladys V. Jones)

25 "Behind the symbols and languages of the world's manifold religions lies a common pattern of pointers to ultimate truth." Theosophy, A Modern Expression of the Wisdom of the Ages (Robert Ellwood)

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