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1 "'God is One' is the utterance of truth. One life pervades all forms and those forms are the expressions, in time and space, of the central universal energy." A Treatise on White Magic (Alice A. Bailey)

2 “The supra-divine transcendentally one God dwells indivisibly in every individual.” Pseudo-Dionysius, The Complete Works (John Farina, Editor-in-Chief)

3 "All the Earth's surface is of one family, one creation, one intelligence." The Findhorn Garden: Pioneering a New Vision of Man and Nature in Cooperation (The Findhorn Community)

4 "Walk on the side of Oneness and bring a new dawning to all the worlds." Miraculous Living (Rabbi Shoni Labowitz)

5 "In One is all my peace." Angelus Silesius The Soul Afire, Revelations of the Mystics (H. A. Reinhold, editor)

6 "Humans may have nervous systems that are automatically structured to produce instant insights that facilitate love and oneness." Handbook to Higher Consciousness (Ken Keyes, Jr.)

7 "If there is only One Thing, and that One Thing Is All That Is, there can be no insufficiency of any kind, because that One Thing is everything, and thus…It is sufficient unto Itself. This is a statement of the nature of God." Communion with God (Neale Donald Walsch)

8 "Him on whom the sky, the earth, and the atmosphere are woven, and the mind, together with all the life-breaths, Him alone know as the one Soul. Other words dismiss. He is the bridge to immortality." Mundaka Upanishad, 2. 2. 5 Hero With A Thousand Faces (Joseph Campbell)

9 "You cannot conceive the many without the one." Plato (ca. 428-348 bce), 'Dialogues, Parmenides', 129 Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 16th edition (John Bartlett)

10 "As salt in water, as butter in milk, the One Life is in all, invisible to the eye but immanent in everything." The Spiritual Life (Annie Besant)

11 "Accept Oneness and rejoice. Bring Oneness and communion with all things into all of your life. Grow. It is a natural growth at this time." To Hear the Angels Sing (Dorothy Maclean)

12 “God is known as One.” The Zohar Collected Works (Carl Jung)

13 "All are essentially unified in a divine oneness." Wind of the Spirit (G. dePurucker)

14 "All this apparent complexity and aimless motion is in fact a delusion, caused by the limitations of the consciousness….for only ONE extremely simple movement is really taking place." The Hidden Side of Things (C. W. Leadbeater)

15 "Behind the manifested universe stands the formless One." Esoteric Psychology II (Alice A. Bailey)

16 "The Kosmos is ever one, and is a living and ever-living being." Hermetica (Walter Scott, translator)

17 "The many are One." Freemasonry and Its Ancient Mystic Rites (C. W. Leadbeater)

18 "The One Force, the All-Powerful Source of existence and the prime mover of the activities and motions of beings…is inside each being." Amadou Hampate Ba, 'Aspects de la civilisation africaine' The Way of The Earth, Encounters with Nature in Ancient and Contemporary Thought (T. C. McLuhan)

19 "It is manifest that the Maker is one; for soul is one, and life is one, and matter is one." Hermetica (Walter Scott, translator)

20 "All things started from one beginning." Origen The Soul of Christianity: Restoring the Great Tradition (Huston Smith)

21 "Him with fair wings, though only one in nature, inspired sages shape with songs in many figures." Rig Veda X.114.5 The American Theosophist (various)

22 "Life is One." A Course in Miracles - A Gift For All Mankind (Tara Singh)

23 "There is only one primal stuff…of which everything is composed." William James, 'Essays in Radical Empiricism' The Roots of Consciousness (Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D.)

24 "There is but one Life permeating all forms." Esoteric Healing (Alice A. Bailey)

25 "On innate divinity is the brotherhood of all people based – one life, one glory which shall be revealed, and one divine relationship." The Reappearance of the Christ (Alice A. Bailey)

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