The Digital Integration of Conceptual Form
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The Many Forms of Many/One
Universal conceptual form

Aligning the vision

Project under development
Evolving and coalescing

Guiding motivation
Why we do this

A comprehensive vision
Ethics / governance / science

Cybernetic democracy
Homeostatic governance

Collective discernment
Idealized democracy

Objectives and strategy
Reconciliation and integration

Reconciliation of perspectives
Holistic view on alternatives

What is a concept?
Definitions and alternatives

Theories of concepts
Compare alternatives

What is truth?
How do we know?

How meaning is created

Synthetic dimensionality
Foundational recursive definition

Universal hierarchy
Spectrum of levels

A universal foundation
The closed loop ensemble contains
all primary definitions

Dimensions of set theory

What is a number?

Venn diagrams
Topology of sets

Objects in Boolean algebra
How are they constructed?

Core vocabulary
Primary terms

Core terms on the strip
Closed Loop framework

Hierarchical models

Digital geometry
Euclid in digital space

The dimensional construction
of abstract objects
Foundational method

The digital integration
of conceptual form
Compositional semantics

Closed loop interval ontology
How it works

Cognitive science
The integrated science of mind

What does it mean?

Formal systematic definitions
Core terms

Data structures
Constructive elements
and building blocks

Preserving data under transformation

Steady-state cosmology
In the beginning

Semantic ontology
Domain and universal

Foundational ontology
A design proposal

Coordinate systems
Mapping the grid

From other sources

Foundational computation

Plato's republic and
homeostatic democracy
Perfecting political balance

Branching computational architecture
Simultaneity or sequence

Abstract math and HTML
Concrete symbolic representation

All knowledge as conceptual
Science, philosophy and math
are defined in concepts

Does the Closed Loop
have an origin?
Emerging from a point

This project and database

Definition / description

I am a database developer, working with MS SQL and the ColdFusion programming language -- a bit old-fashioned, true, but employing simple principles that are consistent with this overall vision for ontology, in a traditional "rows and columns" form that enables a strong global/local consistency and connection.

The core architecture of the project runs on three categories or classes of logical objects:

  • Theme groups -- broad general categories like topic headings, under which a lot of subjects can be organized
  • Themes -- semi-independent subjects which can be grouped together under theme groups and displayed in any order. Themes can appear in multiple theme groups as appropriate
  • Terms -- words or simple basic concepts that tend to form a core vocabulary, supposed including all the basic concepts from cognitive psychology, semantics and epistemology and the foundations of mathematics

The actual programming mechanics of this project are simple and unsophisticated, but very adaptable and fluent. My framework is just simple "server-side" programming. Click something on a web-page, that click sends a signal to the ColdFusion and database servers, which then send a response. By today's standards that is primitive. But I don't want to learn sophisticated programming. I want to develop sophisticated applications of simple technology that I can handle.

The rows and columns model is basic to this entire structure. Our intuition is that this model preserves global/local connections through basic and linear forms of recursive nesting. Our model of the world involves recognizing that the global is constituted from the local, and that the local is a reprisal of the global in much more detailed specific form.

We are presuming that this framework may be the optimal way to organize a form of democracy-mediated global homeostasis running on basic principles of cybernetics. This idea is a reprisal of the ancient cybernetic idea of "governor" as defined by James Watt in the steam engine. It is a traditional formula for stability across the world at all levels, consistent with the notion of homeostasis as it occurs in the human body an in all living things.

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Mon, Apr 12, 2021