Shinreikyo scripture, its contents, the origin of the revelation, and its canonicity

The scripure of Shinreikyo is called "the Divine Teachings of Kyososama". This is a collection of what Kanichi Otsuka , founder of Shinreikyo, taught people in his lectures. Kanichi Otsuka is called Kyososama which means revered founder. We have published some books and are compiling other teachings.

We believe Kyososama is the incarnation of God. He arrived on this earth and became one with a human being. He embodied Truth and has constantly radiated the Divine Power to create miracles. So the Divine Teachings of Kyososama are based on Truth and are endorsed by actual proof of it.

A selection of ten quotations from Shinreikyo scripture

We have heard from Kyososma of Shinreikyo as follows:

"Where there is truth, actual proof will always follow."

"The fundamental principle of Shinreikyo, like the rising sun, is the oldest and the newest in the universe. This principle is 'Kami no Michi' (the Way of God) in religion, the principle of reality in science, and the Truth in philosophy. It is the fundamental principle and the generative power of the universe, working beyond time and space throughout the three stages of human existence. All and everything are created in accordance with this principle. Whosoever goes against it will perish. Whosoever goes with it will prosper. This principle is, therefore, the absolute and unique way that every individual should follow."

"Kami, God, is the personified generative power that creates all and everything, in harmony with the ultimate principle of the universe."

"Phenomena that are immeasurable by human knowledge and experience are called miracles. But, by no means are miracles contrary to science. A miracle occurs when it should occur, in harmony with the principle of the very nature of things. This principle, however, cannot yet be explained using modern scientific knowledge."

"In Shinreikyo miracles occur not only to people, but also to animals and plants, and even to inanimate objects. Beyond words and teachings, the Divine Power works on all things in the universe. The Divine Way, or the Truth, is common to everything in the universe.

"People consist of two elements: on the material side, a body; and, on the spiritual side, a soul. A true religion must save people both physically and spiritually. A traditional religion is spiritualistic and modern culture is materialistic. Both of them are one-sided and defective. The truth lies behind a point where matter and mind separate from each other. The truth is 'the principle of reality' that applies to the whole of creation. It works consistently throughout the three possible stages of existence; and, like the Tao, or the Way, extends to all phenomena in the universe. When one reaches the Truth or the ultimate summit, one can do anything without taking any action, just as 'By non-action everything can be done.'

"Like other animals, human females originally experienced easy childbirths. But, these days, most women suffer from morning sickness during pregnancy, and suffer from labor pains for long hours at delivery time. As a result, people now have the idea that childbirth is a woman's great misfortune, and that it is accompanied by great pains.... Shinreikyo women, however, suffer from little or no morning sickness. And, Shinreikyo mothers give birth to their babies painlessly, through natural delivery. In fact, usually it takes a Shinreikyo mother less than forty-five minutes to have a baby. Shinreikyo babies, moreover, have thick navel cords. They have high intelligence and strong bodies. Every mother can have such superior children."

"When a Shinreikyo devotee attains Sublime Transmigration, he or she can foresee the time of death and transmigration several days or more ahead, and may have a clear and vivid vision of the glorious afterworld. The devotee cheerfully says good-bye to family and friends, as one would if leaving on a happy and worry-free journey. Then the person takes his or her last breath in peace. And, because the Shinreikyo follower is completely free from the fear of death, and is confident of going to paradise by Divine Grace, there is no stiffening of the dead body. The body temperature does not drop for many hours. In addition, soon after the last breath, the person's countenance becomes so sublime and noble that it never could have looked that way while the person was alive."

"It is well-known that in Shinreikyo innumerable miracles and wonders that cannot be explained by today's common knowledge take place day after day. For example, one is completely cured of deadly diseases, one's character improves and bad habits are removed, one easily settles serious disputes and disagreements with one's family and co-workers, and one's productive power increases so remarkably that the barriers to economic success are broken. What is the significance of these events? They indicate that in Shinreikyo the gate is wide open to a new world, and that models of this new world, where everything goes as we wish, though for now on a small scale, are being constructed one after another. Therefore, if you want to find out more about the Dawning World, you must come to Shinreikyo, see rightly into what is happening, and understand correctly the unfathomable meaning of the facts."

"Thousands and thousands of years have passed since human beings appeared on this earth. During this period, humankind has passed through times of war and times of peace, through times of prosperity and times of decline. Now, the human race is approaching a great pass in its history. The vision is still not clear due to the rising fog and clouds. Before long, however, the obstructions will clear away, and people will stand in wonder and joy at the dawn of a majestic age."

Statistics on the size and influence of our organization

According to the Cultural Affairs Agency of the Japanese government, Shinreikyo has a membership of about 100,000. Amazingly, almost every follower has personally experienced miracles in one form or other. This is truly unprecedented in the history of humanity.