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The Light of the Soul
Alice A. Bailey
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with commentary by Alice A Bailey. Patanjali explores exhaustively the means, the techniques and the mental posture which create the connecting thread between the personality and the Soul.

1 "In the presence of him who has perfected harmlessness, all enmity ceases."

2 "God is the Master of all and He is the sum total of omniscience, being (as is easily seen) the sum total of all states of consciousness. He is the soul of all things, and the soul of the atom of matter as well as the souls of men are a part of His infinite realisation."

3 "Beatitude always follows upon realisation of the unity of the part with the Whole."

4 "The (spiritual) reading of symbols produces contact with the soul."

5 "The one Master is found within; it is the soul….This one Master is a corporate part of the Whole, of the All-Soul."

6 "This triple sheath (body, soul and spirit) is the Holy Grail, the cup which is the receiver and container of the life of God."

7 "The homogeneous is the cause of the heterogeneous, unity produces diversity, the One is responsible for the many."

8 "The soul in humanity is an integral part of the Oversoul."

9 "Consciousness is one, yet produces the varied forms of the many."

10 "How interdependent all are….the achievement of one will profoundly affect the entire body."

11 "The essential characteristic of consciousness is love."

12 "Back of objective nature, the sum total of all forms in all the kingdoms of nature, is found the subjective reality which is essentially a unified whole or unity, producing the diversified many."

13 "All souls are identical with the Oversoul."

14 "Form, color and number speak aloud of the word of God."

15 "As a person arrives at a knowledge of himself, under the great law of analogy he arrives at the knowledge of God."

16 "Love reveals the unity underlying all forms."

17 "The anima mundi, or soul of the world, is universally spread throughout all aspects of life."

18 "The mind of God is love, and the love of God is intelligence, and these two aspects of one great quality are brought into play for the working out of His will and purpose."

19 "Man is dependent upon the rhythmic or cyclic outgoing or indrawing energy of the great Life in whom he lives and moves and has his being."

20 "Every form of any kind has a soul, and that soul or conscious principle is identical with that in the human form."

21 "There are two types of perception: That of living things and that of the Life."

22 "The one Life synthesises the many lives, the one Purpose blends the many ideas into one homogeneous plan."

23 "Within the speck God can be seen. Within the man God can reign. Within Brahma both are found; yet all is one."

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