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The Kingdom Within, the Inner Meaning of Jesus' Sayings
John Sanford

1 "Faith is essential. But this is not an intellectual faith that consists in giving assent to creedal doctrines; it is an inner attitude; a committing ourselves to the inner way regardless of what comes, a determination to know the One who is at the center."

2 "There is a Center to the personality that includes the whole Self….This whole Self is in each of us as a potentiality and seeks to be realized in the life process."

3 "The beauty of the teachings of Jesus is that they do not depend upon any system of thought, for Jesus did not express himself by means of jargon or concepts but by means of living images, figures, and parables. In this way he succeeded in freeing his message from history and making it timeless and applicable to all ages. His teachings do not come from the world conceptualized and historically conditioned; they are drawn from the well of life itself."

4 "Just as there is a universality of form to the human body, so there is a universsality to the inner person. The same typical (archetypal) structures are found in people everywhere."

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