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The Coming of the Cosmic Christ
Matthew Fox

1 "Creativity is the fundamental law of the human psyche which constitutes a microcosm of the universe."

2 "Since 'every creature is a word of God' as Meister Eckhart put it, it follows that Mother Earth is a special word of God: a unique expression of divine wisdom, of divine maternity and caring, of divine creativity and fruitfulness."

3 "Compassion is our universal heritage, our God-origin and our God-destiny. Compassion unites us, it forms the common 'field' that all creatures share."

4 "Divinity is not outside us. We are in God and God is in us."

5 "Even small experiences of creation, such as mustard seeds, contain the divine."

6 "To experience compassion and to identify with the suffering of others – as well as with their joy – is to experience the Divine One who suffers and rejoices in each person."

7 "The whole universe is the great world, the macrocosm; its parts are small universes in themselves, microcosms. Such a microcosm is man, who is in himself an image of the universe and a perfect being." Otto Rank, 'Art and Artist'

8 "We are indeed 'part of everything' and one with the mystery of life." Dorothee Soelle

9 "In the Greek Fathers and in the medieval mystics, one of the most common themes in Cosmic Christ theology is a celebration of how common and omnipresent divinity is. Divinity is found in all creatures."

10 "The Spirit is the One who 'makes all things new.'"

11 "I foresee a renaissance, 'a rebirth based on a spiritual initiative', to use historian M. D. Chenu's definition, as the result of the outpouring of the Spirit. This new birth will cut through all cultures and all religions and indeed will draw forth the wisdom common to all vital mystical traditions in a global religious awakening I call 'deep ecumenism.'"

12 "The Cosmic Christ – the 'pattern that connects' – can connect all persons in the context of the shared sacredness, the shared reverence and awe of our existence."

13 "The fire at the center of the tepee, pipe, or of sweat lodge represents Wakan-Tanka, the Great Spirit within the world. How close this comes to Meister Eckhart's teaching that a 'spark of the soul' burns within every creature and every human that will never be extinguished and that this spark of the soul is the divine presence within us all. All of creation shares in this holiness."

14 "It is the heart that sees the primordial eternity of every creature." Hildegard of Bingen

15 "The Cosmic Christ is a 'pattern that connects' proton and galaxy, human and neutron, human and supernovas. The Cosmic Christ assures us that nothing is trivial for nothing is unconnected to the whole. All is a source of awe, wonder, wisdom, and the presence of the divine."

16 "Humanity has the power and responsibility to increase the glory that is the divine presence in the cosmos."

17 "The inward person is not at all in time or place but is purely and simply in eternity. It is there that God arises…[and] is heard, there God is; there God, and God alone, speaks." Meister Eckhart

18 "Like fish in water and the water in the fish, creation is in God and God is in creation."

19 "God is the dazzling light that constitutes the creative center of all life and movement. In that Point every 'where' and every 'when' are centered." Dante, 'The Divine Comedy', translated by Matthew Fox

20 "Beloved child, come swiftly to Me, for I am truly in you. Remember this: The smallest soul of all is still the daughter of the Creator." Mechtild of Magdeburg

21 "Inside, outside, o friends, all one." Kabir

22 "The divine mystery and miracle of existence is laid bare in the unique existence of each atom, each galaxy, each tree, bird, fish, dog, flower, star, rock, and human."

23 "The whole is present in each part, in each level of existence. The living reality, which is total and unbroken and undivided, is in everything." David Bohm

24 "We need to worship in circles again, preferably on the soil of Mother Earth wherever possible. Circles invite all creatures to be part of the grateful event and they allow the humans present to look each other in the eye while rounding and connecting themselves in step with the universe."

25 "We have a responsibility to give back the cherished blessing of our lives with grace and gratitude. We must return blessing for blessing. Generativity and creativity have been built into the universe from the start."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite