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The Child Within Us Lives!, A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics
William Samuel
This book explains the transcendence of divisions into the discovery of our original nature, the Child within.

1 "In the Mind's Eye I see the Infinite Sphere and Its Self-Awareness, two that are One."

2 "I am the beauty I see. I am the joy I see. I am the excitement and enthusiasm of everything I see – because, I can't recognize something unless I am it! It is Me! It is I! It is this holy Awareness of God I am."

3 "A grand global harmony is just around the corner – the one the prophets spoke of wherein there is no more sighing, no more tears, no more fear."

4 "This awareness, this life, is God's viewing."

5 "People are all the image of God."

6 "The wisdom about God that can be understood lies rooted in a knowledge of Identity, the Self made in the image of God."

7 "Every part contains information of the Whole."

8 "The Original Christ Child of us is closer than fingers and toes, closer than breathing, waiting to be reacknowledged, called forth and rediscovered."

9 "We are the Good beholding Itself everywhere, because the life we are is the life divine."

10 "Does the Eye at the top quarrel with the opposing views at the bottom? No. It understands the basis for the differences of opinion – and understands the holistic reasons for mankind's behavior."

11 "Be assured that your inner turmoil is not in vain; it is not for nothing;….it has been as necessary for you as it was for me – as it is to every small and large creature emerging from its self-spun darkness."

12 "As the Apostle [Paul] wrote, without love everything is lost."

13 "When the ancients said one's aim in life was to 'Know Thyself', they were exactly right."

14 "How is it possible for a glimpse of Truth to do such an enourmous thing as help all mankind? It is possible because the world and all mankind are subjective, within this Awareness we are."

15 "Matter is immersed within the Center of Godhead."

16 "As the Christ Light says, we may choose Life and live more abundantly, or we may choose death."

17 "The human saga is a wonderful, necessary part of the Plan. Nothing about the human experience has been happenstance or outside the perfect Plan of the One."

18 "God really is all in all."

19 "We, Awareness, are not separate from God's Self-confirmation. For goodness sake, we ARE that event happening."

20 "This Awareness-I-am (and the reader is) is the perception of the Divine Mind."

21 "The Divine Child of you and the Divine Child of me is the same One, deep in the heart of God."

22 "Nothing is going on but God."

23 "Everything that is, is equally divine because everything exists within Divinity."

24 "You see, the Child of God IS here – our real Identity, our Original Identity."

25 "Looking for a fence to put around the yard, one begins to see fences everywhere. Looking for shrubbery, one suddenly sees shrubbery everywhere. That is the Divine Alchemy at work. Looking for tenderness, beauty and love, one finds them everywhere. Looking for good, one finds good. That is the alchemy of God at work."

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