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The Child Within Us Lives!, A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics
William Samuel
This book explains the transcendence of divisions into the discovery of our original nature, the Child within.

1 "Everything that is, is equally divine because everything exists within Divinity."

2 "Religious ideas generally refer to the Same One, but have their own sets of proofs for validity."

3 "The Genuine Identity, the Soul of us, the Child of us, is that one unbound by time and space, residing in the heart of Godhead beyond Name and, simultaneously, everywhere – not unlike the simple photon which, moving at the speed of light, is virtually everywhere in space simultaneously. That is the genuine (and only) Identity (Image of God-Self) as God made it."

4 "Since people are made in the image and likeness of God, to see good in them is to see God in them."

5 "Living morally and honestly, one maintains his balance and doesn't topple into the reactive world of negative effects."

6 "The Child within that sparks the life of each of us is God's own Self-awareness in the process of happening."

7 "We are in this world to do something good for all mankind."

8 "You see, the Child of God IS here – our real Identity, our Original Identity."

9 "In the most absolute sense, our present experience is God's Self-awareness, God's Self-witness, Self-acknowledgment, Self-appraisal, Self-utilization, and Self-enjoyment. It seems to be 'ours', but it belongs to God."

10 "When the ancients said one's aim in life was to 'Know Thyself', they were exactly right."

11 "When the final answers are known in this world, the Divine Simplicity of the Primal One will be all there is."

12 "Godhead is indeed the All of all."

13 "As the Christ Light says, we may choose Life and live more abundantly, or we may choose death."

14 "There is always local confirmation of good at hand if we persistently look for it."

15 "The world is being flooded with information that is certain to induce new modes of thought, if mankind is to survive the upheaval. The old things will certainly pass away. There will be a new heaven and earth to be seen with the eyes because it is here already unseen."

16 "Our Original Identity is unbound by time or space."

17 "The awareness that reads these words and seems to write them is God's knowing happening – and that 'happening' is confirmation of the One."

18 "The Absolute Fact is that God/Life is ALL in ALL."

19 "Tangibility is the product of the Intangible, therefore the body of us will find itself cared for as certainly as the oak and willow, as surely as the laurel and lily. By whom or What? By the same Ineffable for whom the body of humanity blossoms. How do I know this is so? Because I have lived it so, am living it so NOW and KNOW it is so."

20 "The 'real' of us knows in some marvelous way that only God is going on. The 'real' of us knows that the reality of this human experience is God's activity."

21 "God is One and All."

22 "We are the Good beholding Itself everywhere, because the life we are is the life divine."

23 "How is it possible for a glimpse of Truth to do such an enourmous thing as help all mankind? It is possible because the world and all mankind are subjective, within this Awareness we are."

24 "Christ-in-linear-time came, as all luminaries, to confirm our own subjective Self-discovery."

25 "Does the Eye at the top quarrel with the opposing views at the bottom? No. It understands the basis for the differences of opinion – and understands the holistic reasons for mankind's behavior."

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