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Agartha: The Essential Guide to Personal Transformation in the New Era
Meredith L. Young
Channeled wisdom which affirms humanity's Divinity and its place in the One consciousness that unites all beings.

1 "Universal Energy projects love to all elements – be sensitive to this fact."

2 "Ultimately, it does not really matter in which manner we establish our God-connection, whether that be as a Christian, Hindu, Jew or Athiest. All of these approaches will lead to the same end point."

3 "Man must work toward the areas of shared brotherhood, focusing on the similarities of spiritual pursuit rather than the differences."

4 "Seek practical toeholds in everyday life that can help to further define oneness."

5 "God, the Isness, the Great Oneness of the Universe, is the collective presence of all things living, all evolving beings."

6 "The right to live with mutual consideration and respect needs to be the newly-forged path of an aware society."

7 "Every single form of life is genetically encoded to evolve toward wholeness."

8 "All life has the potential to give and receive love."

9 "The truth is that man is much more than just his physical presence. His expanded self is an alive and growing unit of life energy which is synonymous with God."

10 "The Sublime Whole is in constant motion whether as a whole or as its individual life force pieces. In other words, as 'God the actualized concept' or as 'God the actualized spirit within the human', all of our lives move toward a perfect reunion."

11 "Acceptance of the oneness of the Universe is essential for those feeling fragmented and alone and lacking a sense of spiritual connection."

12 "The individual possesses the freedom with which to pursue the question: 'Who Am I….Who Really Am I?' This search takes people…to the eternal core of all life in pursuit of the spiritual matrix."

13 "This global family shares a common bonding of responsibility for life through a belief in a greater whole."

14 "All life has purpose and progression both in an ecological and a spiritual sense."

15 "Each magnificent unit of living matter deserves to be all that it can be and to reach the heights of achievement and awareness, not according to any artificial standard of achievement, but according to what one feels inside and intuitively knows to be true about himself."

16 "God's balance maintains this creative universe and the evolution of all things."

17 "The God-presence is within and without all that exists."

18 "Man is indeed God. His eventual path is always toward awareness of his own divinity, is always toward consciousness of his Godly nature."

19 "Love is, indeed, the appropriate and, in fact, only relevant vehicle for increasing man's vistas of harmony on Planet Earth."

20 "Enlighened love is the magical link where man sees himself as one with all things."

21 "God is the composite of all life-force energy, both the celestial forces and the internal forces of one's heart. God is the total living force of the Universe."

22 "All aspects of the universe are subject to constant change, continually moving in a direction of enlightenment. Change but provides the doorways through which all must travel to find true peace."

23 "Every aspect of the planet moves toward creative fulfillment of its divine purpose."

24 "Enlightenment, as a perception, is a clear vision of the perfectness of all things."

25 "As each person moves through each day, he must realize he is choosing not only his course but also the course of his planet."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite